Monday, October 22, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out with errands and trip to 
Trader Joes.

Gosh I love this lace.
See those cute 'pumpkins' on a stick?
I love them.  And I usually buy them this time of year but this year they were just a little too red for my liking.
{They're really tomato something or others and I LOVE them when they are perfectly orange for Halloween.}

I bought a few new products to try 
{full reviews coming later this week...}

And then stocked up on Joe's VERY FAVORITE kettle corn EVER.  {Next to Disneyland's of course.}

Did a Costco run afterwards...

I really loathe Costco.  
I dislike many things about it
 {like the line JUST to get OUT the door...} but it's one of those places you HAVE to go to about once a month, right?

I calmed my frustrations with a salted toffee scone from Swig.  And a large Diet Coke of course.

The rest of my afternoon // evening was spent party prepping for our annual Halloween party on Saturday night.

 I spent most the day on Saturday getting ready for it as well.

Fear Factor grub

A unicorn // A uni-corn and a candy corn.

The party was a hit and we had SO MUCH fun with some of our favorite people that night.  I cannot wait to share ALL of the details with you tomorrow.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

This quote was on the front of our Sacrament program and I just love it!

Sunday night I hosted a little meeting for Stake Womens Conference committee...

It was our last one before the BIG event and so we had LOTS to discuss.  I am SO excited for this evening.  So much thought and effort has gone into it - - I can't wait for the women in our Stake to be able to come and be fed both physically and spiritualy.  It really is going to be wonderful night!

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