Friday, November 2, 2018

November Ministering // Friendship Tags.

The air is crisp {even in AZ!}, our windows are open and November is HERE!!!!

November makes me giddy.
I LOVE this month!
So many fun things to look forward to.

I've made my Ministering // Friendship tags super simple for the month of November.  
You can literally attach ANYTHING you want to these.  
I of course, chose pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING! 

I feel like there are lots of tags out there that say "I'm so grateful for you"....but sometimes I feel like people need to know WHY you are grateful for them.  It's always nice to add the details, which is why I created a few lines for you to write your specific thoughts as to WHY you are grateful for whomever you are giving these treats to!

It doesn't need to be much.
A few words is fine...

Make someone's day this month!!

I plan to use these tags for my ministering sisters, friends AND the kids' school teachers {of course, I'm going to make my kids fill out the lines themselves!}

To download my FREE November tags click HERE.

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