Friday, December 28, 2018

Coombs Christmas Part 3.

Christmas morning started at 5:00 am when our kids tried to start waking us up.

After coming in, for what seemed about, every 20 minutes...we finally rolled downstairs together as a family at 7:00 am.

We opened Santa's gifts first....and then family gifts.

Cubby even got in on the gift action with a few bones that were practically the size of him!

I whipped up a triple batch of my Cinnamon Roll Casserole and then we headed over to my sister's house for brunch.

We feasted.
My mom made my Grandma's yummy sausage and egg casserole.  My sister made french toast roll ups and sausage.  My other sister made hashbrowns.  And my brother brought the juice.  It was a WIN WIN!

We headed home....the kids played with their loot....and Joe and I took a 2 hour nap.  

It was a Christmas miracle.

* Christmas night, per tradition, we went with my side of the family and saw a movie.  We've been doing this ever since I was a little girl.

Mary Poppins  did NOT disappoint.  

I smiled through practically the ENTIRE thing.


The songs! The dancing! The cast!


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