Monday, December 3, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent working on custom Etsy orders...

As well as wrapping 25 Christmas books... 

...for our kids to unwrap each day leading up to Christmas this month!

* I met a dear friend for lunch at a new restaurant in the area called Elbows.  

Their spinach and artichoke grilled cheese was absolutely dreamy.

Their 4 cheese Mac n' Cheese was just meh.

But I'll definitely go back. 

* Our Friday night was super fancy.

Joe worked late.
London played at a friend's house.
And while the boys had tumbling, I hung out at the local McDonald's and worked.

* On Saturday, Joe took the boys and Cubby to see 
Santa in Phoenix.

Can you even stand how cute this pic is?!
I'm pretty sure it's my new fave.

* London had dance and then we met up with some friends for our annual tra-dish of seeing The Nutcracker.

HANDS DOWN one of my favorite things 
about the holiday season. 

This show is always so magical and I love, love LOVE the music, oh so much!

* Dinner afterwards at our favorite...Floridino's.

Pizza muffins for dayyyyzzzz.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We were SO privledged to be able to attend a special Stake Conference with President M. Russell Ballard.

I left the conference with my heart so full and my testimony in our Savior Jesus Christ strengthened.

* We had some fun friends over for dinner on Sunday night.
I made Bruschetta chicken - - - remember that seasoning I told you that you had to get from Costco. 
I'm not kidding.  GO GET IT!

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  1. Yeah!!! Loved your weekend and I can imagine how amazing that conference was.