Monday, December 31, 2018

This Weekend:

* Friday was spent lounging around with an attempt at starting to clean up Christmas.
{Why is that always so depressing?}

* We spent Friday night over at our dear friends' home for pizza and games.

We love hanging with this bunch OH SO much!

Joe was the big trivia winner of the night and scored me a yummy candle from B&B Works.

Thanks for hosting Halb's.  
Your new home is GORGEOUS!

* Saturday I shuffled kids around and in between that...I practiced the dreaded organ for church on Sunday.

I had to practice my LEAST favorite song ever.
Why do I dislike this song so much?

* While waiting for the boys I killed time at Goodwill.
{Because why the heck not, right?}

Only at Goodwill can you find gems like this!

* Saturday night we had Lam Fam pictures.

It was freezing cold but we survived.

Why are family pictures SO much work? cute are my mom and dad?

* Afterwards we headed out to San Tan Flat for 
dinner and s'mores.  

Thank goodness for the bonfires everywhere because us 'Zonies were FREEZING!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Playing the organ was brutal.

If you mess up on the piano - - it still sounds ok.
If you mess up on the organ - - it sounds atrocious!

* London and I spent time over at my parent's house on Sunday afternoon....I typed up some more of my Grandpa's letters.

These letters are so near and dear to my heart.

I feel such a connection to my Grandpa Lamoreaux through these letters.  I cannot wait to finish them all {there are HUNDREDS!} and compile it all into a book for family history.  

* Back at home we had pot roast for dinner.
Why does pot roast taste SO extra good on Sundays?

I let Cubby lick the mashed potatoes pot and he's been tooting up a storm ever since.

* We ended the weekend with a family game of Clue.

Why is London sprawled out on the floor? And why is there a random roll of toilet paper on the coffee table?



  1. Your organ comment-TRUTH! I’ve been ward organist for longer than I can even remember~😁

  2. Love your blog, Marcie. I look forward to it every week.And I learned that you play the organ ~ I didn't even know you played the piano. And, the photo of your parents is so CUTE!! Loved all the photos actually. Great family and great blog! Claudine

    1. Thanks sweet Claudine! We drove through Cedar yesterday. Would've loved to have stopped and seen you but we were just passing by on our way to Rexburg. Tori and I are taking Tyson to college! Love you guys! xoxo