Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2fer Tuesday.


If I'm being honest, my very favorite time of the day is when the kids go to bed at night and Joe and I sit ourselves on the couch and watch shows together.  Usually, there are snacks and always, there are Diet caffeinated beverages invovled.

It's sorta our thing and I love it.
{Aren't we so wild and crazy?😂}

Since Dirty John and R. Kelly are finished...here's what I wanna watch next.


This one is a 6 part True Crime docuseries based off of John Grisham's only non-fiction book that he's ever written.

Cannot wait.


I know, I know...we are like super late to this bandwagon.
I've heard it's hilarious.
{Plus we LOVE Andy Samberg}.
Who's seen it and LOVES it?


Who else had a New Year's resolution of trying new recipes this year?  And bonus if those new recipes are actually HEALTHY! I found a couple online, gave em a whirl and here's what I thought...


After I made the dressing for this one and before I put it on the salad I was nervous because the dressing does NOT smell good.  The sesame oil also made me nervous so I only used 1 tsp.instead of 2.  

I also used regular sesame seeds instead of black and I didn't toast my almonds. I also omitted the sesame seed sticks.

Oh - and I added chopped cucumbers because I add those to EVERYTHING.

The chicken and cranberries are a must and this salad was a WIN!!! Loved the salty // sweet combo.
So so yummy!


Don't let the 'Eazy Peazy' part fool you.
There were A LOT of steps to this meal.

And yes, I made it for dinner for the whole family rather then food prepping it all for lunches.  

Chicken was yummy! 

Tzatziki sauce was yummy!
I would blend the sauce all together next time instead of just stirring so the cucumbers can really get crushed up.

Cucumber salad was a little strong for my taste.

My kids gobbled the chicken which is always a good sign.

I dipped crackers into the tzatziki sauce and that made it a yummy snack, too!

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