Friday, January 11, 2019

Fun Finds Friday.

Valentines decor is {almost} out everywhere and it makes me so happy.  I always feel like it's the perfect pick-me-up after putting away all of your Christmas decor.

I ran in and out of Hobby Lobby this past week in about 2.2 seconds but it was just enough time for me to spot this adorable Valentines cactus.  $3.99 with 40% off!

Over at Wal-mart...

Why does this gross me out so much?
That's a WHOLE lotta gummy.

I LOVE this idea!
Think 'gingerbread houses' for February.

This wreath!!!!
I spotted it at the Wal-mart up in Idaho and was sooo bummed to go to my local Wal-mart back here in AZ and see NONE in stock! I'll be checking back daily.

These cute little paper trucks would be SUPER cute to fill up with candies and give to someone.

Lastly...these white, dotted canisters.
Aren't they cute?


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