Tuesday, January 22, 2019

NEW! Primary and Relief Society PRINTABLES.

It's a NEW year and that means a NEW batch of PRINTABLES!!!  

I've been creating up a storm and I'm SO excited to share with you alllll the things! Make sure and check back each day this week for updates.

If you serve in PRIMARY I've got some fun stuff for you all...

Primary POP ROCKS Printable HERE

Have no idea what PRIMARY is but still want the printable tags without the churchey-church stuff?

I've gotchu covered.
{These are especially good for school teachers to pass out to their students on their birthdays!}

Birthdays ROCK Printable HERE

Every child loves a good PRAYER rock to help them remember to PRAY.....right?

There are LOTS of different ways you can use these fun printables...

Pray Rock Printable HERE

Want the kids to remember the COME FOLLOW ME curriculum this year? 

Just add any sweet treat you want!

Come Follow Me Birthday Printable HERE

Relief Society Ladies!.....
Each year I create a new card that can be used as a bookmark, to place into a simple greeting card...or just to attach to a treat to tell someone you're thinking about them!

Love this quote SO much from President Nelson.

President Nelson's Quote 2019 Printable HERE

{Last year's RS printables HERE and HERE and HERE.}

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