Monday, January 7, 2019

Road Trip {Randomness} Day 4.

Our last and final day in Rexburg, Idaho!

First things first, we went back to the 'Home of the Redneck Soda' and I discovered another gem....

Seriously.  This places kills me! 😂
{And no, I didn't get the Duck Fart.  I'm so boring when it comes to sodas and always just get a straight up Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper.  Extra ice.}

We went back to the University bookstore.
I picked out shirts for my kids.

Why do I love this coin purse so much?
I shoulda bought it.

We toured around the town of Rexburg afterwards...

The {new to me} temple there is GORGEOUS!

Found my old apartment complex.  
Lived here for 2 years and loved every minute of it!

For lunch, per recommendation from a friend, we tried
 'The Taco Bus.'

You guys!!!!!!!!
This is literally a school bus turned into a taco bus and it looked and felt TOTALLY sketchy.

How cute are my nephew and his wife?

I'm not even lying. 
I would eat there again in a heartbeat.
{My sis on the other hand was so skeeved out she didn't even order anything.  Wimp!}

We stopped by a local park that has always given me the giggles. {Yes, I have the brain of a 12 year old.}

I mean COME ON!!!!
Who names a park this???

We ended the evening at local dairy - - per recommendation - - and it did NOT disappoint!

All of their ice-cream is handmade right there at the dairy and their Mint Madness was where it was at!

{Also: Fun Fact .... apparently they put potato flakes in their chocolate milk and it is supposed to be INCREDIBLY yummy.  Next time for sure!}


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all. thanks for posting your cute posts. Love them!

  2. I spit my water out when I read the name of the park. What a great trip back to your college stomping grounds.
    ps- where did they prepare the food on the school bus- appears up front?

  3. The Taco Bus is the best! I've never had a bad meal there plus the Mexican Coke is so yummy with it! Several local dairies put potato flakes in their chocolate milk, it's so smooth and creamy, like drinking a semi-melted milkshake!

  4. Oh give me a dive place to eat and a Diet Coke and I’m happy as can be lol