Saturday, January 5, 2019

Road Trippin {Randomness} Day 2.

 * We woke up on Day 2 of our Road Trip and headed out to breakfast with our besties.

The Chicken Minis at Chick Fil-A are where it's at.

So fun to chat with these fun friends that we call family.

* We headed back to the house that we were staying at to pack up and get ready to head to Rexburg. 

Fun Fact about my mom's BFF
 who's house we were staying at.  

She loves to shop. 

Like A LOT!

And we always seem to benefit from her shopping habits.

Case in point....I told her I needed a new purse and she said "Just go downstairs and pick one out of my closet."

I died.
And then I picked out TWO!
{Brand new with the tags still on them}.

* We loaded up and headed out of town but not before grabbing a peppermint hot cocoa from Starbucks.

It was seriously the ONLY thing that could warm me up.

* While on the road I watched....


It is sooooooo cute.
I loved every last second of it.

I also now want to download every single Dolly Parton song every made.

{Her 'Islands in the Stream' with Kenny Rogers though will always be my favorite.}

* We stopped in Idaho Falls for mexican food at a little hole in the wall type place for dinner called Morenitas.

I am convinced that some of THE BEST FOOD comes from hole in the walls.  

This place was DEE-LISH and I would totally go back.

* When we finally rolled into town it was....

Bitter cold.
We stayed in our hotel room for the rest of the night and I was AOK with that.

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