Thursday, January 31, 2019

TV Talk.

Where are my TV // Documentary fans??
We need to chat....

Who's seen the documentaries on the Fyre Festival?


OH.  My.  Gosh.

What this guy conjured up is truly unbelieveable.  
There are 2 different docs - 1 on Hulu and 1 on Netflix and I know everyone is saying the 1 on Netflix is better BUT....I think I liked the 1 on Hulu best.  
{The one on Netflix I think had too many F-bombs for my liking}.

Joe's cousin just recommended this one to us and I am SO excited to watch it.  It's on Netflix and about a Mormon family abduction in the 1970s.  Sounds so juicy, right?


I have been on the fence about watching this one.
As much as I love a good TRUE CRIME story...I DO NOT like grotesque details and gore.

My friend however said it was worth the watch and that the details don't get too out of control.

Has anyone seen it? 

Not a documentary and not a true crime story but...

This spin-off from The Goldbergs is pretty funny.
Not as funny....but it's close.'s based in the 90s which is pretty much when I was in my prime 😂

Ok and this last one.....


Let me just say....before watching it for the first time ever last night...I thought this looked like the MOST ridiciulous show EVER.  And yes, while I guess you could say it IS pretty's also pretty intriguing.  

London and I could not stop watching it last night!

{Who else feels like the Rabbit is either Donny or Mark Wahlberg?}


  1. I haven't watched the masked singer yet,but on the radio this morning they were saying the Rabbit is JC from backstreet. No way, it's totally Donny!

  2. I sooo agree about The Masked Singer! Thought it sounded ridiculous, but I love it. The costumes are fabulous. Not sure about the Wahlburgs, but definitely a boy bander. And I am positive the peacock is Donny Osmond. Had Margaret Cho and Terry Bradshaw right!!