Friday, January 25, 2019

Valentine Printable Cards.

Valentine's Day is only 20 days away and
I've created some fun NEW printables to make those classroom handouts EASY for you!!!

Head to the $ store and pick anything from scrunches and bows to elastics and headbands.  This one is PERFECT for your girly-girls.

Hair Valentine HERE

Who else gets sick of the same ole same ole Laffy Taffy and Fun Dip? 🙋 Switch it up this year with some DORITOS and//or CHEETOS.  Orange fingers fo the win!

Doritos and Cheetos Valentine HERE

Slime has seemed to be ALL the rage this past year.
I found this bag of 16 slimes at Target for only $3....

Attach them to my cards and wa-lah! 
You're done!

Slime Valentines HERE

My kids LOOOOOOVE Ring Pops, do yours?

Ring Pop Valentine HERE

And back by popular demand.....

My STAR WARS themed Valentines!!!

Darth Oreo Valentine HERE

Rule the World Valentine HERE

Chewy Valentine HERE

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