Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Random-ness.

I feel like all of my childhood // teenage dreams came true today.


Did you hear that Netflix is creating a 10 episode Babysitters Club series??? I'm London is gonna love it I just know it!

And Fox is bringing back a 6 episode 90210 reunion?!?!?
Yessssss please!!!!

{If you wanna feel really old...90210 originally started 29 years ago.  TWENTY. NINE!}

Let's talk Masked Singer...
{Spoiler alert if you haven't already seen it}


I mean, I had NO guesses as to who the Monster even was 
{I thought he was mabye an athlete?} but...
T-Pain?!?!  This made me smile.  LOVE him! 
Wasn't it THE BEST surprise???
My love for Ken Jeong has grown thru this show and now I'm excited to sit down and watch his Netflix comedy stand-up special this weekend with Joe.

Has anyone seen it?
I think he's hilarious! 

* I've been gathering ideas for my next bulletin board and came across these two DARLING clock ideas for a classroom...

Aren't those the BEST?

Sometimes I wish I had my own classroom, just to decorate.
Not to teach of course {I don't have the patience for that + I can't even help my own kids with their homework}... just decorate.


I mean....the DETAIL!!!!
I love, love LOVE it so much.
And check out that color with all of the photos.



I think I'm finally on the tail end of whatever sickness is going around {thank goodness!} I've only left the house this week to drive my kids places and to buy coughdrops at the gas station.  

If you've seen me...I apologize.
I can 100% relate to the above saying that I found on Facebook.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2fer Tuesday.


Isn't this miniature unicorn pinata from Hobby Lobby adorbs?
You could use it as a centerpiece at a unicorn themed party.  OR...fill em with candy and pass em out as favors.

Also at the Hob Lobs....cute things for a MERMAID party as well!  

Isn't that cake topper totally cute? 
Would be perfect on top of a cake with the ruffled frosting. 
{I really wish I knew how to do ruffled frosting, bytheway.}


Pretty much ALL THE TIME at our house!
What's worse? 
When they leave like a drip of milk in the milk container.  

True! True! True!

I think my mom may be the only person I know who can actually fold a fitted sheet.  {Back in the day she used to IRON our sheets! Who does that?}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Going on Day 3 with this nasty cold.
Anyone else think hot chocolate tastes SO extra good when your sick and have a sore throat?  

Just for the record....Swiss Miss is WAY better than Nestle.

Monday, February 25, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday I ran errands, grocery shopped {who else LOATHES grocery shopping?} and prepped for London's 10th birthday!

I brought the {almost} birthday girl Chick Fil-A for lunch at school and ate with she and her bestie...

Why do elementary school cafeterias smell SO nasty?
Even when it's not fish Friday.

The boys had tumbling Friday night and then we headed to the Olive Garden for London's {pre} birthday dinner.

Seriously...their breadsticks + chicken gnocchi soup...does it get any better than that on a cold, rainy day? 
{Also, no I did not get ready for the day.  It was cold and rainy so that's my excuse...this timeπŸ˜‚}

* Saturday was London's big 10th birthday!!!

We opened presents and then the birthday girl requested for breakfast: French Toast, scrambled eggs with crumbled sausage mixed in and diced hashbrowns.   

She and I got pedicures after breakfast...

Having a girl is SO.......MUCH....FUN!!!

{Why does she look 16 in this selfie at the salon? 😱}

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for her birthday party!  My kids have bday parties with their friends every other year and on the on years...I'm always so grateful that the next year is an off year😜.  Anyone else?

Easiest party favors EVER.
$ store suckers + a label I made.  Boom!

London had very specific things in mind that she wanted to do at this party....she wanted a scavenger hunt so naturally I cracked myself up making the clues...

 She wanted everyone to make their own pizzas...

Basha's pizza dough FOR THE WIN!
We'll definitely be buying it again.  

We made up some LONDON TRIVIA with 15 different questions ALL ABOUT HER.  Winner won one of her FAVORITE things.

And instead of birthday cake...London requested Bahama Bucks! {Her very favorite 'treat' place}.

The party was a hit!
It reminded me of the parites my mom used to throw for me when I was London's age {especially the scavenger hunt part} and I felt a little nostalgic the whole entire evening. 

* Sunday morning I woke up with a cold.
A nasty, part stuffy, part runny nosed, head throbbing cold.

I feel like my body may be telling me that it's time to slow down so that is what I fully intend to do this week. 

I stayed home from church and typed up more of my Grandpa's World War 2 letters.

These letters hold such a special place in my heart and I feel such a sense of connection with my Grandparents through these.  I am SO very excited for the day that they'll be all done and I'll be able to make them into a book complete with pictures to give to ALL of the Lamoreaux family.  Who said Family History is always boring?  These letters are fascinating to me and I love and cherish them with all my heart.

* We had roast beef and mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner and it was sad because I couldn't taste nor smell it because of my cold, so that was a big fat BOOO!

Here's to {what I'm hoping to be!} a slow and relaxing week!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Great to be Eight Baptism Party + Treats.

London turns TEN this weekend!
I'm sorta in denial.

It seems like JUST yesterday she was born.  
And then again just yesterday that she was baptized a member of our church.

In honor of her birthday weekend I'm sharing ALL of the details from her baptism {after}party. It was one of my very favorite parties to plan.  Ever.

And good news: if you'd like to throw your own sweet little girly girl a GREAT TO BE EIGHT party...I'm offering ALL of these printables in my Etsy shop now HERE!

Just download and print and you're good to go!

I knew just a few things that I wanted go accomplish with this party:

1. I wanted it to showcase London! {which I did by displaying photos of her everywhere}

2. I wanted desserts only {her baptism was at a weird time which ruled out a brunch of lunch type or thing}

3. I wanted the colors and printables to be PINK and feminine.

Here's what I came up with:

I made an 8x10 printable sign that sorta went along with the whole 'sweet treat' theme. I placed it on the middle of our dessert bar.

I love music - - especially primary music! - - and I had the grandiose idea of coming up with a 'Primary song title' for each of our desserts. 

Bytheway: Fluff = Cotton Candy

 I also created 2 inch circles that said either 'I Am a Child of God' or '8' and I placed them on some of my truffle sticks - - these could also be used as cupcake toppers.

Hands down my favorite food card was:
"I Stand All Amazed {at this} Chocolate Cake

I am such a dork.

But seriously.
Have you tried my mom's chocolate cake?

As for the tables where people sat to eat, I ran pink wrapping paper right across them and added paper ribbon, milk glass vases with flowers and $1 Ikea frames with pictures.

London was pleased as punch with the outcome, as were we. It was such a beautiful afternoon spent with friends and family. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2fer Tuesday.


Oh my gosh YESSSSSS!!!!
Does anyone else have stairs that are piled high with things that need to go up - but for some reason, everyone in the family can walk right on past it but you??



It's been unusually chilly here in AZ.
And when I say 'chilly' I mean in the 50s.
We've been FREEZING!

When it's cold outside I want ALLLLL the soups.

Here are 2 of our family's favorites....

BOTH are easy and BOTH are tasty!