Thursday, February 21, 2019

Great to be Eight Baptism Party + Treats.

London turns TEN this weekend!
I'm sorta in denial.

It seems like JUST yesterday she was born.  
And then again just yesterday that she was baptized a member of our church.

In honor of her birthday weekend I'm sharing ALL of the details from her baptism {after}party. It was one of my very favorite parties to plan.  Ever.

And good news: if you'd like to throw your own sweet little girly girl a GREAT TO BE EIGHT party...I'm offering ALL of these printables in my Etsy shop now HERE!

Just download and print and you're good to go!

I knew just a few things that I wanted go accomplish with this party:

1. I wanted it to showcase London! {which I did by displaying photos of her everywhere}

2. I wanted desserts only {her baptism was at a weird time which ruled out a brunch of lunch type or thing}

3. I wanted the colors and printables to be PINK and feminine.

Here's what I came up with:

I made an 8x10 printable sign that sorta went along with the whole 'sweet treat' theme. I placed it on the middle of our dessert bar.

I love music - - especially primary music! - - and I had the grandiose idea of coming up with a 'Primary song title' for each of our desserts. 

Bytheway: Fluff = Cotton Candy

 I also created 2 inch circles that said either 'I Am a Child of God' or '8' and I placed them on some of my truffle sticks - - these could also be used as cupcake toppers.

Hands down my favorite food card was:
"I Stand All Amazed {at this} Chocolate Cake

I am such a dork.

But seriously.
Have you tried my mom's chocolate cake?

As for the tables where people sat to eat, I ran pink wrapping paper right across them and added paper ribbon, milk glass vases with flowers and $1 Ikea frames with pictures.

London was pleased as punch with the outcome, as were we. It was such a beautiful afternoon spent with friends and family. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2fer Tuesday.


Oh my gosh YESSSSSS!!!!
Does anyone else have stairs that are piled high with things that need to go up - but for some reason, everyone in the family can walk right on past it but you??



It's been unusually chilly here in AZ.
And when I say 'chilly' I mean in the 50s.
We've been FREEZING!

When it's cold outside I want ALLLLL the soups.

Here are 2 of our family's favorites....

BOTH are easy and BOTH are tasty!

Monday, February 18, 2019

This Weekend:

Friday night we hosted a little post-Valentine's bash with some of our favorite couples.

The bonus to hosting a party after Vday?
EVERYTHING is on sale!!

I whipped up a fun, little Family Feud style game - - couples edition...

And then for dinner, we had a NACHO bar.
I made two different kinds of meat and then assigned out all of the fixings.

Our White Elephant Gift exchange is always the highlight of our party.

We are so grateful for such wonderful, FUN friends in our life!
We laughed oh SO much together that night!!!

* Saturday morning the boys headed off to an Eagle Scout project while London and I headed up to the church to practice her solo for church the next day.

I don't think Joe and I have ever uttered the words, "Gosh, I wish our kids weren't so shy..."😂😂😂😂😂😂

They LOVE performing in front of other people - FACT!

* Saturday afternoon I took these cute kids out to lunch at Oregano's...

And then they had a Hip Hop Competition in Mesa where they ROCKED it!

So very proud of them and how well they all did together as a team!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

London sang the song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" and even though I was playing the piano for her...I still got teary!!

It was such a sweet, tender moment hearing her sing.

* Dinner at my parent's house on Sunday night.

Sunday dinners always taste better at my Mom and Dad's.

Joe crashed after the meal, per usual...

And we had the MOST delicious homemade Oreo cheesecake for dessert! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

So very grateful for an extra day of weekend today.
{I slept in until 10 am!}

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Great to Be Eight Baptism Printables!

Who knows someone turning EIGHT this year??
I've got the perfect little something for you to give them.

These tags work great as a birthday present OR a baptism treat!!

THESE tags are currently my BEST seller in my Etsy shop. 

I created them almost 4 years ago and so I figured it was time to get some NEW Baptism tags in the shop to go along with them!!

Mix and Match - - do whatcha want!

My first set is my GRAPE to be 8 tags.

What eight year old wouldn't love getting a basket filled with all things GRAPE?!?

Don't wanna do a whole basket?
No biggie!
These tags go perfectly with just one item as well!

Grape flavored Red Vines, Grape Kool Aid, Grape Mike n' Ikes.....the possibilities are endless!

And let's be honest...not every item has to be grape flavored. Purple colored ANYTHING works too!

Grape tags HERE

My second NEW set of tags goes along with your everyday candy that you can find at ANY store.

Again, use one tag, 3 or ALL!
It's up to you!!

I know for a FACT that 8 year olds LOVE receiving these special treats on their special day because I give them out to ALL my favorite 8 year olds!!

Candy Baptism Tags HERE

Monday, February 11, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I worked on some NEW items for my Etsy shop that I'm SUPER excited about.  I'll be posting and sharing them with you TOMORROW! 

I also whipped up 5 dozen sugar cookies...

Sugar cookies are so dang good but MAN are they a lot of work!  The kids are helping me make them all this week to earn their own money for their summer scout camps and dance. We have just over 20 dozen to make.

{And by 'helping me' I mean that lightly. I do have some serious control issues when it comes to baking 😂}

* The boys had tumbling Friday night so the rest of us grabbed dinner across the street at Moreno's.

Their taco salad is the bomb! 
Their salsa however tasted like the tomatoes were too ripe.  Or not ripe enough.

{I'll let it slide this time because I love you so, Moreno's.}

* Afterwards, Joe and I planted ourselves on the couch and started a new docuseries on Netflix...
This is the one that John Grisham produced AND wrote a book on a few years ago.  It's the only non-fiction book he's ever written. 

It's good.  A little slow.  But good. 
I'm antsy to google the main people in this documentary {once it's over of course} to see where they are today.

* Saturday was filled with London's very first dance competition. 

Getting her ready for a dance competition compared to getting my boys ready for a dance comp is wayyyyyy more work!😅

 Hair + makeup....heaven help me!  So thankful for my dear friend who helped make her look fabulous!

The comp was in downtown Phoenix and her biggest fans were there to help cheer her on.

She ROCKED it and we are OH SO proud of how well she and her team did together.

 Can you even stand how cute she looks like Dwight Schrute from The Office for her Hip Hop routine?! 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I visited two different wards for my calling.
One of them started at 8 am and you know how I am with early mornings.  Especially early morning church.😅

Sunday night we had the privilege of going to our stake center and hearing the prophet of our church, President Russell M. Nelson as well as one of the apostles, Dallin H. Oakes {and their wives!} speak to the entire state of Arizona. 


So inspiring, so uplifiting and it strengthened my testimony even more of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

To read a wonderful Op-Ed written by our prophet in the Arizona Republic over the weekend go HERE.

Your heart will be touched, I promise!