Friday, February 8, 2019

Fun Finds {ish} Friday.

Did you know......

Hobby Lobby has started selling MILK GLASS items?
I almost died when I saw all of this the other day!!!
Isn't it all SO pretty??

Also spotted this sign at Hobby Lobby.
I NEED it because #TRUTH!

Ok...Joe and I finally watched this documentary on Netflix the other night...


Holy.  Cow!!!
Picture the weirdest story EVER....and then multiply it by 10!!!

It was one of those shows that I could not stop thinking about the entire next day.


Here's my guesses on the Masked Singer...


Patti LaBelle is totally the Bumblebee...

And Donny Osmond HAS to be the Peacock.

Who's with me?

Valentine's Day is NEXT week!
Doesn't it seem like we JUST had Christmas?

I've got lots of fun NEW Printables in my Etsy shop right now ready for you to download!

Valentine's HERE.


  1. I thought Donny Osmond too....then he had the rainbow flag in one of the clues...

  2. Donny Osmond was Joseph on Broadway. I think the rainbow reps the coat of many colors. Also the wig he wore. Patti LaBelle is the bee, IMHO!!