Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Great to Be Eight Baptism Printables!

Who knows someone turning EIGHT this year??
I've got the perfect little something for you to give them.

These tags work great as a birthday present OR a baptism treat!!

THESE tags are currently my BEST seller in my Etsy shop. 

I created them almost 4 years ago and so I figured it was time to get some NEW Baptism tags in the shop to go along with them!!

Mix and Match - - do whatcha want!

My first set is my GRAPE to be 8 tags.

What eight year old wouldn't love getting a basket filled with all things GRAPE?!?

Don't wanna do a whole basket?
No biggie!
These tags go perfectly with just one item as well!

Grape flavored Red Vines, Grape Kool Aid, Grape Mike n' Ikes.....the possibilities are endless!

And let's be honest...not every item has to be grape flavored. Purple colored ANYTHING works too!

Grape tags HERE

My second NEW set of tags goes along with your everyday candy that you can find at ANY store.

Again, use one tag, 3 or ALL!
It's up to you!!

I know for a FACT that 8 year olds LOVE receiving these special treats on their special day because I give them out to ALL my favorite 8 year olds!!

Candy Baptism Tags HERE

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  1. You are so talented I can't believe it! Thanks for the great ideas.