Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My very first PODCAST.

Ok you guys....I did it!
I was on my very first podcast ever and I loved it!
Made me miss my days as a radio station DJ.  

If you've been a long time reader of this blog you'll love this interview {I hope!}  It sheds some light on why I do the things I do, my personal life, what it's like raising teenage boys and you'll even get a tiny glimpse of Joe and I's relationship.  

You'll also understand the following 3 pics even more...

Don't be jealous of my Sally Jesse Raphael glasses!

Striped hair + my first official paid radio gig

Oh hey Charles Barkley?!?

Thank you Dive in With Amy for having me.
I had WAY more fun that I had anticipated.

You can listen HERE
{But for the record...please let it be known...I still hate the sound of my own voice and watching myself
 on the screen 😂.}


  1. Loved listening to the Podcast. Here's a great book to get for London when you're ready to have "the talk".

  2. Enjoyed the podcast so much! I still remember the Italy fiasco. I had read that you were a former radio DJ but did not know at a country station. You would make a great talk show host.


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