Monday, February 11, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I worked on some NEW items for my Etsy shop that I'm SUPER excited about.  I'll be posting and sharing them with you TOMORROW! 

I also whipped up 5 dozen sugar cookies...

Sugar cookies are so dang good but MAN are they a lot of work!  The kids are helping me make them all this week to earn their own money for their summer scout camps and dance. We have just over 20 dozen to make.

{And by 'helping me' I mean that lightly. I do have some serious control issues when it comes to baking 😂}

* The boys had tumbling Friday night so the rest of us grabbed dinner across the street at Moreno's.

Their taco salad is the bomb! 
Their salsa however tasted like the tomatoes were too ripe.  Or not ripe enough.

{I'll let it slide this time because I love you so, Moreno's.}

* Afterwards, Joe and I planted ourselves on the couch and started a new docuseries on Netflix...
This is the one that John Grisham produced AND wrote a book on a few years ago.  It's the only non-fiction book he's ever written. 

It's good.  A little slow.  But good. 
I'm antsy to google the main people in this documentary {once it's over of course} to see where they are today.

* Saturday was filled with London's very first dance competition. 

Getting her ready for a dance competition compared to getting my boys ready for a dance comp is wayyyyyy more work!😅

 Hair + makeup....heaven help me!  So thankful for my dear friend who helped make her look fabulous!

The comp was in downtown Phoenix and her biggest fans were there to help cheer her on.

She ROCKED it and we are OH SO proud of how well she and her team did together.

 Can you even stand how cute she looks like Dwight Schrute from The Office for her Hip Hop routine?! 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I visited two different wards for my calling.
One of them started at 8 am and you know how I am with early mornings.  Especially early morning church.😅

Sunday night we had the privilege of going to our stake center and hearing the prophet of our church, President Russell M. Nelson as well as one of the apostles, Dallin H. Oakes {and their wives!} speak to the entire state of Arizona. 


So inspiring, so uplifiting and it strengthened my testimony even more of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

To read a wonderful Op-Ed written by our prophet in the Arizona Republic over the weekend go HERE.

Your heart will be touched, I promise!

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