Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Random-ness.

I feel like all of my childhood // teenage dreams came true today.


Did you hear that Netflix is creating a 10 episode Babysitters Club series??? I'm London is gonna love it I just know it!

And Fox is bringing back a 6 episode 90210 reunion?!?!?
Yessssss please!!!!

{If you wanna feel really old...90210 originally started 29 years ago.  TWENTY. NINE!}

Let's talk Masked Singer...
{Spoiler alert if you haven't already seen it}


I mean, I had NO guesses as to who the Monster even was 
{I thought he was mabye an athlete?} but...
T-Pain?!?!  This made me smile.  LOVE him! 
Wasn't it THE BEST surprise???
My love for Ken Jeong has grown thru this show and now I'm excited to sit down and watch his Netflix comedy stand-up special this weekend with Joe.

Has anyone seen it?
I think he's hilarious! 

* I've been gathering ideas for my next bulletin board and came across these two DARLING clock ideas for a classroom...

Aren't those the BEST?

Sometimes I wish I had my own classroom, just to decorate.
Not to teach of course {I don't have the patience for that + I can't even help my own kids with their homework}... just decorate.


I mean....the DETAIL!!!!
I love, love LOVE it so much.
And check out that color with all of the photos.



I think I'm finally on the tail end of whatever sickness is going around {thank goodness!} I've only left the house this week to drive my kids places and to buy coughdrops at the gas station.  

If you've seen me...I apologize.
I can 100% relate to the above saying that I found on Facebook.

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