Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April Ministering // Friendship Tags.

Happy April!
March flew by so dang fast.
I can't believe Spring Break is already over and we are back in the grind of things.

Next break....SUMMER!
Holy Cow!

Added bonus: It actually FEELS like spring here in Arizona.  Holding onto these breezy, slightly cool days before the heat hits.  And when I mean HIT....I mean...heat so hot it feels like you are walking inside of an oven when go outside.  

I'll hold onto April for as long as possible!!

This month I have TWO different 
Ministering // Friendship Tags to choose from!  

One is Easter-y....
{FYI Easter is on April 21st this year!}

Attach to ANYTHING Easter-ish that you want!

And the other tag is more SPRING-ish...

I just LOVE this quote.

These cute little tin containers come with seeds inside, all ready to plant right there in the pot.  I found them in the $ bins at Target for $3.  They had ALL different types of flowers and herbs.  Super cute, huh?

So many different ways to give this tag!!

To download my FREE tags for the month go HERE.

There are 2 of each on a page and you can print them out however many times you need!


  1. Thank you again and again for the most darling tags! Hope you are double blessed this month!

  2. You are so very welcome!! Thank YOU for your sweet comment...xoxo

  3. These are great. Any way to get them jpg format? I don't have a printer and have to send them to be printed. No one does the pdf format when I send them from my computer. And I don't know how to jpg them. Thank you for nay help.