Thursday, April 4, 2019

General Conference Treats.

This weekend is one of my favorites! 

For those who don't know much about the 
it's General Conference this weekend!

That means...we get to stay home and watch church on the TV in our jammies - - usually with lots of treats surrounding us.

We get to listen to our prophet and the apostles that lead and guide our church.

It's always a spiritually uplifting weekend and one that I always look forward to. 

Chips and queso is one of our family's very favorite Sunday snacks!! I thought these tags might be fun to deliver to the family's that we minister to tomorrow!

Because you can NEVER have enough snacks while you're watching Conference, am I right?

To download a FREE copy of my QUESO tags
 click HERE.
{There are 4 per page and you can print them off however many times you need!}

Queso not your thing?
{Stop it - what's wrong with you? I kid...I kid.}

I have a MILK themed tag HERE.

As well as all of these....

...right HERE!
{And they're all FREE!}

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