Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mother's Day Tags.

Easter is over and I still have eggs and bunnies strung all throughout my house.  I caught bronchitis last week and my energy has yet to be back in full effect.


I start to twitch when holiday decor stays up too long. 
Anyone else?

Here's to hoping I have it down before Mother's Day.

Speaking of Mother's Day........

I've created some FUN, NEW printable tags that you can use this year!!  

If you're in charge of the Mother's Day treats at church or school...these make perfect little favors! Just print them out and attach to a candybar, a bottle of lotion, use it as a card...

You can even get super fancy and punch a hole at the top, add some ribbon and WA-LAH! you've got yourself a fun, little bookmark!!!

You can see more details on my Mother's Day tags HERE.

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