Monday, April 1, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I worked on a large vinyl order for a customer.

They were wanting positive quotes to put on the bathroom stalls in their staff bathroom at school for the teachers to see each day.

I just LOVE doing custom orders!!

* I ran a few errands which included stops at both Target and Goodwill.  Two of my favorite places.😉

Seriously...the books I find at Goodwill KILL me!
{Apparently almost as much as that dog 😁 #creepy}

* The kids hung out at a friend's house on Friday night so Joe and I ordered takeout from Floridinos {our fave!} and watched Dateline. It's pretty much all we do these days.  

Eat and watch true crime shows.  

I'm 100% ok with it.
Doesn't take much to please us!!

* I had an eye appointment on Saturday at Costco and so Carson tagged along with me for a little one on one lunch date. {Seriously...I only take my kids to the finest places.  Don't be jealous}.

Costco on a weekend gives me MAJOR anxiety but we made it through EVEN with a few samples. 
{The people at those sample stands are like VULTURES! It SCARES me!}

* I grocery shopped afterwards and made a quick run to our favorite little mexican Mart for some homemade {to die for!} tortillas and carne asada.

Because if you're not buying your tortillas at place that also sells pinatas and also has a post office in the are doing it ALL wrong!

Yes, they marinate their carne asada with whatever is in that bottle and yes they then put it in a plastic bag to take home and YES IT IS THE MOST DELICIOUS MEAT YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!!
{Also...I was a tinge relieved to see that A rating.  
Because let's be much as I LOVE this place...
It's a little skeevy.}

* Date night with London at the DQ later that night.

Their Reese's Nutrageous blizzard has a very special place in my heart.  

And stomach.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
Sleeping in until 10 AM on Sundays is one of my very favorite things about the whole entire weekend.  Who's with me?

Our Sacrament meeting was all about the above scripture and I absolutely LOVED the talks that were given. make things EVEN better...the choir sang one of my very favorite songs. {I know, I'm saying the word favorite like way too much in this post.  But whatever.}

I will always cherish and appreciate this song.
I can't hear it and not get teary.

Years ago, after each of my babies were born, I suffered HORRIBLE postpartum depression.

It was always at it's very worst at night time, too.

I remember as I was going through this with one of my children, hearing the line to this song:

"Oh Savior, stay this night with me" 

and being filled with SO much hope that my Savior was watching over me in what seemed like such dark, dark times.  

I can't really explain the way my heart feels when I hear this song but it's something that I will always hold dear to me.

* Anyhoo....
We grilled the above carne asada for dinner on Sunday night and then went over to my parent's house to celebrate my brother's birthday with dessert!

We all sat out on their back patio {until the mosquitos got to us} and gosh, the weather was dreamy.

I sure wish springtime would last forever in Arizona!

My mom informed everyone that at Easter dinner in a few weeks, she's leaving a basket by the front door and everyone who comes in has to leave their cell phone in the basket until our evening is over.

I 100% support this decision.

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  1. You go Jean ~ about the cell phones. Best idea yet.


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