Monday, April 15, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning started out here:

My very favorite place!
{Disneyland is a close second๐Ÿ˜‰}

My phone accidentally took this pic when my Mom and I were taking some photos and I LOVE it oh so much.

That vintage floral bag that I take with me each time is my Grandma Misel's suitcase from YEARS ago.  If you look close enough, you can even see her Cedar City house address is still on the top part.

I LOVE being inside of the Temple and feeling close to my grandparents and ancestors.  It's a feeling I can't quite describe and one that I'll always hold close to my heart.

* Back at home, I needed to prove to Joe that Cubby loves me best so....

Yes, it is a competition and YES, Cubby loves me best.
{He also gives the best snuggs}.

* Friday night date with dear friends! 

We tried a new {to us} Italian place in downtown Gilbert called Nico. Get the Rigatony.  They handmake ALL of their own pasta there and it is to die for!

We had Peterson's ice-cream afterwards for dessert.

{Remember the Podcast I did a bit ago where I probably divulged too much information?  That's cute 
'Dive in with Amy' who interviewed me! 
She and Joe have been friends since forever and we LOVE spending time with she and her husband!}

* Saturday morning we did chores and housework.

I took the kids and their friends to In N' Out for lunch.

Seriously though, WHO scrapes the special sauce OFF of their burgers?  So weird, right? ๐Ÿ˜‚

I love these two and their sweet friendship.

The boys and their friends were too cool for school to sit next to us, but don't worry...I still managed to get a very indescrete pic.

I made a YUMMY orzo pasta salad for dinner...

I'll be sharing this recipe SOON!
{P.S. How am I just now discovering how good ORZO really is?}

* Joe and the boys went to the movies Saturday night and London and I ran errands for most of the evening which included stops at Sodalicious, the grocery store and the $ Tree.

I mean...are you really even living life to it's fullest if you're not at the $ Tree on a Saturday night? 

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

CAN YOU EVEN with London's floor length dress?
{Details on where to snag this at the end of my post!}

One of my VERY favorite quotes! 
{And authors!}

* Dinner at some of our very favorite friends' house on Sunday night.  My dear friend Chanda knows me too well and made pot roast! It was divine and it was so fun to get together. 

* My nephew is home from college for the week! and stopped by to see us on Sunday night!!! We LOVE when we get to spend time with him!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

My friend sent me the MOST DARLING clothes for London the other day from her DARLING online shop called 

These shorts are my FAVORITE because look at that CUTE sash in the front!!!

Carly Kimono HERE

London has been DYING for a floor length dress and so she was pleased as punch to get to wear this one to church yesterday.

The fabric is SUPER soft and I can't wait to order her a few a more!!

GOOD NEWS!!!! Jenny {shop owner} is allowing ALL of my followers to get 10% off of their first purchase!!!!!

Be sure to use the code: COOMBS10 
when you checkout!

Be sure to LIKE the Rosie Jo Boutique on FB HERE!

And just a little more from my friend about this darling company...

I wanted to carry a line that was cute, fashionable, affordable and modest. I want to help these young girls feel beautiful for who they are. Rosie Jo Boutique carries girls sizes 6-16. That really tough time between kid and young women. I hope every girl that tries on our clothes knows that way makes every outfit beautiful is the smile on their face and the way they treat others.

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