Monday, April 8, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning we loaded up and delivered London's teacher's birthday gift from her class!

I have so much fun spoiling our children's teachers and was SO appreciative to all of the other families who helped chip in to make our gift card bouquet possible from the class!

* I had a date at the Temple with my Mom afterwards.

Being inside of the Temple with the ones I love MOST will always be my favorite thing.

{Also...still working on that 'selfie' game.😳}

* My dad met up with us afterwards and I introduced my parents to my very favorite cookie joint.

Crumble cookie virgins, no more!

Their salted caramel cheesecake cookie last week was MY FAVORITE! So dang good.

* The boys had tumbling Friday night, London had a birthday party to attend and so we kicked it at home with popcorn and Dateline.

* Saturday was spent watching General Conference.

{Seriously anyone in my family EVER gonna pick up that Jenga box?}
I absolutely LOVED the messages shared at Conference this weekend.  It did my heart so much good to listen to it all.

* We grilled hotdogs Saturday afternoon.

If you have not already tried this....TRY IT!
Fry sauce is VERY similar.
SO dee-lish!

* London and I had a GIRLS NIGHT Saturday night.

Pedicures {my feet were way overdue}...

And dinner with my mom and sis!

* Sunday was filled with more General Conference...and then a birthday party BBQ for my wonderful mother in law at our house.  

It was SO much fun to get to spoil her.

I came up with a 'Marilyn Jeopardy' game that we had fun playing...

Questions were all about HER, her parents and her ancestors! Winning family guessed it...a Crumbl Cookie gift card.

Ummm...What is Joe talking about in the background? 😂
We had such a lovely time.
The weather was still nice enough to eat out on our back patio, the food was all delish and the kids had such a fun time playing with their cousins.

I know I say this ALL the time's worth repeating...

We are SO blessed to live so close to both of our families.

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