Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Friendship // Ministering Tags.

It's already May 6th {How? Just how?} and I have yet to design NEW tags for the month.

The good news is....I'm re-using last year's tags.

Why? Well because:
1) I offered 3 and I'm pretty sure you didn't use ALL 3 at once last year, right?
2) I have quite a few new followers that probably haven't even used em yet
3) It's May 6th. And I have mile long list of to-do's before the week is over.

Forgive me?
Next month's will be FRESH.

These tags go perfectly along with Mother's Day this month.
Or not.
I know not everybody LOVES Mother's Day...so I've created two sets of each tag - - one WITH Happy Mother's Day on it and one WITHOUT - - which could really be used ANY time of the month for ANYONE!

Flowers are in FULL BLOOM right now so what better little treat to give someone than some fresh cut flowers?

If you use my tags - please show me HOW you're using them!
Tag me on Instagram @azmarci
I always LOVE seeing what you do with them! 

To downoload my tags WITHOUT Happy Mother's Day click HERE.

To download my tags WITH Happy Mother's Day click HERE.

April Ministering // Friendship tags

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