Monday, May 20, 2019

This Weekend:

*Friday I let London ditch school and we had a girls day.
The boys were skipping school to go on a Father and Son's campout so I figured...why not?

London had 2 requests...

#1: that we eat at 'that Bagel Brothers' place😂
#2: that we go to the mall


We had so much fun shopping around together.
London had a couple of gift cards to use up from her birthday and it was SO fun watching her contemplate what to use them on. 

Oh and she had one more request on our way home:
A quick stop at Bahama Bucks.

{Being the only girl in a family really has it's advantages😆} 

The boys lived it up somewhere by Prescott, near a lake.

Some kind stranger even let them take his boat out on the water and they had SO much fun with it!

* Friday night London had dance practice and then we met up with a couple of our girlfriends and their daughters at 
Blue 32 for dinner.
{Fun Fact: I never get sick of this place.}

* Saturday morning my brother and Adam stopped by with their pups.

These 3 doggies have more energy than I do in my pinky alone! {Also: doesn't Cubby's tail look somewhat like Trump's hairpiece?🙊}

* The boys rolled back into town on Saturday afternoon and then Joe and I snuck out for a little dinner date at one of our favorite mexican joints.

Their #10 is one of my favorites.
A green corn tamale + a cheese enchilada with green sauce.
SO very good!

* We 20/20'd it up back home.
It was a 2 hour one and it was JUICY!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
We had a sweet missionary speak in our Sacrament meeting who just returned from serving a 2 year mission in Germany.

The last 2 mintues of his talk, he spent bearing his testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ IN GERMAN.  I always love when missionaries do this and I tear up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

It doesn't matter what language is being spoken.
When someone testifies of TRUTH - - the Spirit can be felt.

* We left church and headed straight to my niece's 
Seminary graduation where she was giving a talk.

When did my daughter turn 16?!
Isn't she looking OLD?

* We had pot roast for Sunday dinner {a staple now a days!}, went on a family walk with Cubby and finished the night with AFV.  

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