Monday, July 15, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning began at the high school.

YES.....I said HIGH SCHOOL and I can hardly believe it.

I have a FRESHMAN this year!!!
Class of 2023? What the heck?!?

A) When did I get so old and B) How did this happen so fast?

Grant had his 'Bear Down' {whatever that means?} Day and got his schedule and was able to walk around the campus and check out where all of his classes were going to be.  

He's so nervous and my momma heart is nervous FOR him!
I know he'll do GREAT things though.
That first day IS just nerve racking...for EVERYONE involved! 

* Afterwards, I had promised each of the kids a day to themselves with me so we could do a little school shopping + one on one lunch.  

In true Grant and Carson form....they wanted to go TOGETHER.  It melts my heart that they love spending so much time together.  You couldn't have paid me to bring along one of my siblings when it was one on one time with my parents.

* We shopped for school clothes...

{This is what Carson thinks about Grant starting high school.}

.....and shoes.
{I'm pretty sure we ALL should've bought stock in VANS}

And then the boys got to pick our spot for lunch.

I'm not a huge fan of In and Out.
I know, I know...everyone LOVES it but I think I've finally discovered why I don't like it so much...

I feel like their actual hamurger patty is SO thin and you end up finishing it way before the bun and all the veggies.  
It's never an even eat - ya know what I mean?
{Yes, I recognize I'm a weirdo}.

* We picked up Cubby afterwards from the groomer...

Fresh NEW DO with a bandana to boot! 
Doesn't he look sharp?

* Joe brought home take-out Friday night from one of our favorite taco spots...Elmer's!

Of course 20/20 and Dateline were involved with our Friday night activities as well...because I mean....come on!

* We spent part of our Saturday at the temple.

I'll never stop gushing about how much I love this place.
I had a specific prayer answered while we were in there that day and I wouldn't trade my time spent in there for ANYTHING! I always feel like a better person when I leave and who doesn't need that?!

* Saturday night we had a fun FIESTA for our dear friend who just turned 50!
{Try saying that 10 times in a row!}

SUCH a fun time.
Thank you Buist's for inviting us!!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

I LOVE this whole entire quote, but ESPECIALLY that last line.

* We headed to Joe's brother's house for Sunday dinner with the Coombs fam.

We had a yummy burrito bar {complete with Carolina's tortillas!} and it was so fun to get together and catch up on everyone's previous summer vacations.

* * * I just realized after typing all of this that I basically ate mexican food the ENTIRE weekend and I am AOK with that! 

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  1. I just realized you must do 4 years of high school ? We do 3 !!
    It’s Vans City around here too , that and Nike Airforce Lol
    I wasn’t a fan of in and out either .. give me chick Fil A anyday lol