Monday, July 22, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was spent running errands and then dropping the boys off at the temple to do some work with their cute cousins...

We are so blessed to have this place SO close to us and to be able to go with family and friends whenever we want to!

* London and I had a girls afternoon which included...

Shopping for fake nails at the $ store...

And lunch at the Olive Garden!
{Seriously...who knows how to make their Gnocchi soup?
 I want the recipe!!!}

* We stayed in Friday night, I worked in my craft room and London had a movie night with her sweet friend.

* Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (is 8:00 am bright and early to anyone else?😅) and went to our ward Pioneer Day Pancake Breakfast.

The kids learned how to make butter in a jar and played with toys that the pioneers would've played with back in the day. 

* I grocery shopped afterwards...
{bleh! to grocery shopping on a Saturday with the rest of the world!

I came home to this...

I wonder if Cubby ever gets sick of us doting on him?

* The boys went to the movies on Saturday night and London went to my niece's most ADORABLE "The Office" themed birthday party.

I cannot WAIT so share ALL of these fun party details later this week.  My sister hit it outta the park with this one.

Everyone was to come dressed in character.
London = Kelly Kapoor
My niece = Michael Scott

They had these signs from the show hanging around everywhere - - it was hilarious!

* I ran some last minute school supply shopping errands while everyone was out.  

I treated myself to the Stroopwaffel McFlurry at McDonalds.

And I don't even LOVE caramel. 
But the waffle chunks with the slight bit of cinnamon flavor?

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We held our annual Coombs Family Back to School Dinner on Sunday night.  

I am sooooo excited to share with you alllll of the details tomorrow!

I think it was a huge success!

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