Friday, July 12, 2019

Utah Day 8.

Sadly, day 8 was our last and final day in Utah.
Coming back to the heat in AZ is never any fun so we really tried to live it up big.

We had kolaches for breakfast...

Why have these not caught on in AZ?

My kids played with the little kids...

And then we took the most gorgeous drive up into the mountains of Heber.

Our friends humored us and let us stop at the big patch of snow up there.  My kids NEVER see snow so this was BIG!

We had so much fun tooling around together on the bumpy roads.  It was windy and chilly and oh so refreshing.

We left the kids at home around dinner time and headed into Park City for a date night.

We ate at a spot called Billy Blanco's and it was DEE-lish!
{They even served a cilantro ranch dip with their chips and salsa.  GENIUS!}

Their fried chicken and mashed potatoes were bomb-diggity.

Back at the house we lit off some fireworks to finish off the evening.  Nothing quite like 2 grown men trying to get some fireworks to go off. 

Oh! I almost darling is this front porch?!?

Isn't that the absolute CUTEST with that mint green door?
It was the house across the street from my friends' house and I could not get enough of it!

THANK YOU Lori and Adam for another memorable stay.

We LOVE hanging out with you guys.
It's so nice to just always pick up right where we left off - - even if it has been a couple of years.

We can't WAIT for you to come and visit us this fall!

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