Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Ministering // Friendship Handouts.

Holy moly! 
It's already the 7th of the month and I have yet to post a new MINISTERING//FRIENDSHIP tag for you to brighten someone's day with!

I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off lately.  Life will slow down soon but until then, there's LOTS to get done!

Because of that, I'm sharing a tag that I used last year...
I hope you don't mind...

Because who doesn't love fresh cherries?
{Plus, they're like on sale EVERYWHERE right now!}

Fill a basket up with cherries, attach this tag and your friends will feel loved forever.  Ok, maybe not forever...but you'll for sure be their favorite at least for awhile.

You don't even really NEED fresh cherries, per say.

You could also use:

- A bottle of CHERRY 7-UP
- CHERRY blossom hand lotion
- Chocolate covered CHERRIES 
{They have these at the $ store.  The good kind.}
- Stuff to make a CHERRY limeade
- - - - you get the jist, right?

Download my FREE cherry tags HERE.

April Ministering // Friendship tags


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  2. I love love your stuff. Very creative. I just need stuff in jpeg. Is there anyway this can be done? Thanks


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