Tuesday, September 17, 2019

2fer Tuesday.


I walked past this today at Costco {yes, I've been there now twice in one week...heaven help me!} and I thought 'ooh this would be fun for the kids for Christmas!'  Then I thought...'ummm, no....this would be fun for ME for Christmas!'  

Right? Talk about a major BLAST from the PAST!

My boys are sadly out of the TOYS stage of life but this is a screaming deal right now if you have littles and want to start your Christmas shopping early!


This just happened to be on major mark down at my local grocery store last week {Fry's} and so I thought I'd give it a try.

It's SOOOOOO yummy.

I had some today with Triscuit crackers.
They'd be good with veggies too and even on a sandwich in place of mayo!

They have all different flavors.

Ok remember how I was OBSESSED with the limited time only Stroopwafel McFlurry at McDonald's not too long ago? {Seriously.  Why did they take them away???😞}

I'm thinking of snatching these up {from Costco} and making my OWN McFlurry's now at home in the blender.  Probs wouldn't be as good but would still do the trick!

Has anyone ever bought these?
They were in the Christmas section.

Lastly.....my friend posted this on FB yesterday and I absolutely love it!!!

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  1. Everything about this post I want to try or have- now if only we had a Coscto nearby. The quote is spot on!