Friday, September 27, 2019

General Conference Printables.

NEXT WEEKEND is General Conference!!
It's pretty much my favorite and I can't wait!

I've created a slew of FREE General Conference handouts in the past and today I'm sharing with you my top 3 favorites!

These are something you can pair up with an easy to find item and drop off at the homes of your friends, neighbors, ministering sisters and encourage them to watch General Conference!

{Seriously...why would you even wanna miss it?} 

To download a FREE copy of my QUESO tags
 click HERE.
{There are 4 per page and you can print them off however many times you need!}

Queso not your thing?
{Stop it - what's wrong with you? I kid...I kid.}

I have a MILK themed tag HERE.

As well as a SPRITE tag for all of you soda pop lovers....

Click HERE for the SPRITE handout

Did I mention that they're all FREE to download and print?

Happy Watching!
I hope it does your heart some good.

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