Monday, September 9, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I ran a couple of quick errands before I got too tuckered out.  

I'm 4 weeks out past my surgery this week and I still don't have my energy back to normal yet.  It's a tad frustrating but I guess it's to be expected.

I've learned that if I do something during the day, I come home and hang out on my couch afterwards.

* Afterschool, London and her friend had a lemonade stand.

It was way too hot.

* Friday night I helped celebrate my sweet friend Chanda for her birthday.

We had dinner at Tia Rosa's...

Their Diet Coke + chips and salsa are some of my very favorite!

* Saturday morning London had a dance convention bright and early to be to.  She wanted a 'fancy' hairstyle for it and this was as fancy as I could get at 6 am.

When she was done with her session, I dropped the boys off for their session...

Waiting for the teen hip hop class to begin
And the girls and I went to lunch at Oregano's!

The pazookie was slightly burnt but we still managed to polish it off just fine.😜

* Saturday night was spent working on some custom orders from my Etsy shop.

These doggie ornaments just make me HAPPY!

* Sunday I stayed home from church.
Saturday did me in.

We made chicken tacos and homemade refried beans for dinner {a family favorite}...

...and had my nephew and sister over for dinner.

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  1. I spy my cute doggies new ornaments and I am SO excited!