Sunday, September 29, 2019

This Weekend:

 * Friday, I lit my pumpkin spice candle and decorated our house for Halloween.  Even though it's still in the 90s here, I couldn't wait any longer.

* I grocery shopped.

{Locals - Fry's Fri/Sat deals always has me giddy!}

* London came home with a perfect and I mean PERFECT report card on Friday afternoon.

We celebrated with pedicures.

* Joe and I popped popcorn Friday night and watched a 2 hour Dateline.  DID YOU SEE IT? It was titled "The Truth about Pam" and IT WAS JUICY!!! Best one I've seen in a long time.  {Yes, I need a life}.

* Saturday we dropped London off at dance and the boys got fresh new hair cuts...

We stopped at my least favorite place in the world on Saturday...

Grant downed TWO Costco dogs.  

And then we swung by the church so I could practice the dreaded organ for Sunday.

What a beast!

* Churchey-church on Sunday.


As we gathered during the second hour of church and listened to President Nelson and other church leaders introduce the new program for children and youth...I felt as though my heart might burst!!

This new program is such a breath of fresh air!

It is inspired and something that we can ALL benefit from right now.
It made me emotional really, just hearing about it.

I am so, so excited for it to begin!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The kids are officially on FALL BREAK for 2 weeks now!

No more bugging them about bed times and homework.
I might be just as excited as them.

We are headed to California for the week!!
Joe had a business trip there already planned so the kids and I figured we'd tag along.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @azmarci as I post daily updates of our happs.  I won't be blogging too much this week but will return next week! 

Happy {almost!} October!!!
It's my FAVORITE month of the year!


  1. we are in the middle of a SNOW STORM, like no school, cant barely get our of the house type of storm, snow piled up my front door ... NOOOOOOOO LOL I too was so excited about the new programme, i was teary too, it makes so much more sense to me, and i love how much more simplified it is! I am going to use this for my own goals too!!! love it so much

    1. this is heidi by the way.. phone still broken LOL