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Saturday, October 12, 2019

California Day 3 - Disneyland!

I know some people can't stand Disneyland 
{seriously, how dare you!?😜} 
but our family LOVES it!  

It truly is magical for us.  Not sure if it's because we've been making memories with the kids there since they were babies or what...but {so far!} no matter how old they've gotten....they get just as excited about it all as they did when they were little kids. 

And Joe and I do, too!

Our day started off in Adventureland at the Indiana Jones ride followed up with the Jungle Cruise.
{Seriously...I never get sick of those corny jokes!}

Another thing I love about taking my kids?
They get equally as excited about the LITTLE kid rides as they do the BIG kid rides.  We're not biased.
We love em all!

{Seriously though...why is the Peter Pan line always so stinking long?}

We tried a {new to us} spot for lunch - 
The Golden Horseshoe.

We're creatures of habit and I felt the need to change it up with the food this visit.

Their chicken fingers were delish!
Reminded me of what Arctic Circle's chicken fingers used to taste like back in the day. 

The kids got wings and Joe got fish 'n chips which he said were just ok.  

{Side note: This place has a funky smell.  I'm not sure why}.

Ummmm...their churro sundae?!

We probs should've gotten two!
If you're going MUST try it because I'm almost positive it's just a seasonal thing.

After lunch it was time for the highly anticipated 
Star Wars Land.

I'll admit.
I've never seen one single Star Wars movie in my entire life - just not a fan BUT....I was definitely a fan of this land. 

It's GINORMOUS and we really could've spent hours in it.

There's only ONE ride open in the land with another set to open up in January.  

We hope to try some blue milk the next time we go back!!

My kids could ride Splash Mountain at least 10 times in a row and not get sick of it.  I give it a go once per trip and that's it.  
I hate getting wet on rides!!

I will say that riding ALL of the rides with ALL of your kids is pretty golden. {And not having to lug any strollers around now either, is equally as awesome.}

My family humored me and we rode "It's A Small World".
{It's seriously one of my favorites!}

The dude sitting in front of us however, 
apparently did not agree. 😂😂😂

The only pic we managed to get of our entire family this trip!
{London, Joe and I's shirts from the cutest

Dinner was at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe and it was a big, fat WINNER! {Seriously, how have we never tried this place?}

One of their seasonal items is a toasted salsa roja chicken sandwich on the yummiest bread ever with a side of tortilla soup for dipping!!!!!

We ALL loved it so much!!

The castle had gotten a make-over since we were there last.
Isn't it pretty??
It really sparkles in real life.

We left the park at closing time exhausted, barely able to walk back to our hotel but it was all so worth it!! 
We had such a blast!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

California Day 1 - California Adventure.

* Last week we packed up the kiddies and headed to California for their first week of Fall Break.  Joe had a business trip scheduled there and so we tagged along and played for a few days.

Our first day took us to Downtown Disney and California Adventure. 

Disney sure knows how to decorate for the holidays!

Because we bought tickets to the Oogie Boogie Halloween Party, we weren't allowed to enter into the park until 3:00 pm.  

We killed time in Downtown Disney (oh my gosh they've totally re-done that place since I was last there!).  

The kids traded pins...

I might love this little activity more than they do 😉

And we ate corndogs to help kill the time.

I have to say....I was SO excited when I saw that Downtown Disney sold giant corndogs.  

BUT....I was hugely disappointed.  

They were NOTHING like the kind sold in Disneyland at the Corndog Cart. 
 It was a big, fat, disappointment and left the grossest taste in my mouth.  Don't be fooled by these imitations, 
Disney go-ers!

* Once we made it into California Adventure, our first ride was the Grizzly River Run, per the kids request.

Big mistake.  

From there, it was the Incredicoaster (which we proceeded to ride FIVE times throughout the day)...

Mickey's giant Fun Wheel (swinging carts, of course!)...

The NEW Inside Out ride (super cute!)...

And dinner at our FAVORITE place in the park - 
Flo's V8 Cafe.

Their pumpkin shake was a HUGE hit!!

We LOVE Cars Land so, so much!

We laughed so hard over this pic.

#1.  Apparently I don't know how to 'dab' correctly.
#2. The random strangers who had to ride with us.

I have to say...this Halloween party might've been our best one yet! We've gone to these parties since the kids were teeny.  They've LOVED dressing up in their costumes in the past for it and LOVED seeing all of the characters dressed in their own Halloween costumes as well.

This year however....was different.
A VERY good different.

Nobody wanted to dress up (fine by me!), nobody wanted to meet any characters (score!) and nobody wanted to trick or treat at the stations around the park.

(I did have to beg them once or twice to at least go to a few stations just so I could get my fill of peanut butter M&Ms.)

This was all GREAT for us because.....

Once the party started, we rode RIDE after RIDE after RIDE!!!

The Halloween party at Disney is worth every penny if you ask me.  The park becomes WAY less crowded and for older kids who just wanna ride rides, we really did hit the jackpot!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Disneyland Day 2.

Our second day at the parks was spent entirely over at Disneyland.  There is something SO very magical about this place and I just love it like a 4 year old does.  

Space Mountain at Halloweentime is turned into 'Ghost Galaxy' and the kids wanted to ride this ride FIRST!

It was spooky and fast and made me feel like
 I had vertigo 😂.

We rode the Autopia cars next....

And then grabbed an early lunch at our VERY favorite place...

The Corn Dog cart!

It just does not get ANY better than Disneyland's corndogs.

Fun Fact though: We spent MORE on lunch at the corndog cart than we did on filling our car up with gas on the way to Disneyland 😅

Worth every penny.

The Haunted Mansion at Halloweentime is an absloute MUST! They do such a cute job with it.

The kids and Joe rode Splash Mountain about 10 times.
This was my one and only 😅 because - remember how I hate getting wet on rides?

{London's face though! 😂😂😂}

My family humored me and rode It's A Small World with me.

It's seriously one of my VERY favorite rides!

As are The Teacups....

We made reseravations prior to getting to the park at the Carnation Cafe for dinner.

This place has become another one of our favorite spots.
It's the best when you can eat on their outside patio, relax and people watch.  All while eating DELICIOUS food.

Their fried chicken is amazing and they even celebrated my {early} birthday by treating me to a cupcake!

More rides after dinner and then MORE dessert at the Golden Horshoe Cafe...

This churro sundae was everything I dreamed it would be AND MORE.  Another seasonal item... so make sure to try it if you're going soon!

We closed out the park and were completely pooped by the end of the night.

Until next time Disneyland!

Two things worth mentioning:

1.  The Max Fast Pass for an extra $10 is WORTH EVERY PENNY!  Buy it.  You won't regret it.

2.  Carson and London's cute shirts are from Happiest Threads.  We LOVE this cute shop!