Monday, November 7, 2011

'The Book of Mormon' Handout - Church Lesson on Scritpures.

Yesterday, I was privileged enough to get to teach a lesson  all about one of my very favorite books.  
{If you've always wondered what this book is about...let me know.  I will send you a copy.  For free!}

Thanks to the cute poem found HERE...this is what I came up with:

Play phones found at The Dollar Tree.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pumpkin Cream Pie in a Jar.

Thursday I was {supposed} to have a Board meeting for the leaders in my Young Womens church organization.  'Supposed' to... is the key word here.  Unfortunately, I got sick with THIS annoying symptom and spent the afternoon in the ER.  That is however, for another post and another time....

I had planned to present a leadership lesson based around PIES.  Yes....PIES.  I'll be sharing the details of this later but I wanted to share this cute little idea I found over on The Crafting Chicks for Pumpkin Cream Pie in a Jar.  I made these as favors for my meeting and actually ended up delivering them I didn't want them to go to waste! {They are FAR too yummy!!!}

This how it looks once the lid is taken off.  

The jars are half pint jars that I purchased from Target.  The labels were printed off last year from....I don't know where?!?  I dont' have a link....sorry!!  To get the recipe click HERE.  I don't LOVE pumpkin pie....but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Pumpkin CREAM Pie!  Plus...the recipe is easy and fast! Enjoy!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving favors.

My brain is on full Thanksgiving mode now.  I love THANKSGIVING!  So much to be thankful for.  Thankful that we have BOTH of our families living close to us.  We rotate each year who's side of the family's turn it is for Thanksgiving dinner...and it works out wonderfully.  

The other night, my cute Laurel Jessica had us over to her house to celebrate holiday traditions.  She had the MOST DARLING favors for us as place settings on her kitchen table.  They were somewhat similar to the ones above but SHE filled hers with candy corns and placed them in lollipop bags with the raffia coming out to look like corn husks.  Too clever.  

You can find the tutorial from the picture above over on Holiday Crafts and Creations.  

Simple.  And festive.  Right up my alley!!!