Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend happenings...

Joe and I were ON THE GO this weekend.  We are blessed.  We have such wonderful family and friends in our life.  Here's a peek of what we were up to:

Valentine Style Recipe Club...

Our friends the Greene's hosted and it was A BLAST!  We laughed so hard our tummy's hurt.  

Tiff's darling decorated table.  She had asked each of us to email her a pic of our spouses and us while we were dating or engaged.  She put those into frames and used those as our place settings.  Brill.

Yes...Joe and our much skinnier  younger!

The food was UH-MAZING!  We noshed on ....... 

This one was a new recipe that I tried and brought and it was dee-lish.  Will be posting the recipe for it tomorrow.  It's so SUPER EASY that you MUST try it!

Did you know you can buy this dip at Costco and serve it hot or cold?  It was Yum-Mo.
We also had a tasty Sugar Cookie Pizza for dessert with fresh fruit on top.  
Everything was TDF....{to die for}.

We also had our annual scandalous   White Elephant Gift Exchange..

Kirk was the lucky recipient of one of OUR gifts....a chocolate edible thong.  
We are so classy....Joe and I.

Tiff made up a SUPER FUN couples version of Minute to Win It...

Joe toppling over trying to bend down and pick up a paper bag with his teeth while not touching the ground.  Needless to say...we lost that round.

Saturday night we headed over to my parent's house for our annual 
Lamoreaux Adult Valentine Dinner. 
My mom started this tradition a few years ago and she really goes ALL OUT.  It's so much fun to get together {without kids} and eat and visit.  

Cute table settings.

She makes the ENTIRE meal.  And it is nothing short of a GOURMET feast....

We also played THIS game together.  So much fun!!!

Our weekend was also blessed with some of our VERY FAVORITE friends from UTAH!

The Knudsen's came to stay with us and my kids were in hog heaven with their bestie Kennedi.  They went non-stop all weekend long.  Already looking forward to when WE get to visit THEM this summer.

We held a little SUPER BOWL party at our house with my fam.  I tried 2 new recipes for this little shin-dig.  THIS one and THIS one.  Both SUPER tasty and recommendable.

Oh yeah....and this cute 5 year old joined the 'lost tooth' club.....

Why is Shrek and Darth Vader scowling at me from my piano?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Contest PRIZE box.

Last week I held my first EVER blog contest.  I was SO excited to share some of my VERY FAVORITE Valentine finds this year with one lucky reader!  I wasted NO time in shipping my box out to KATIE ERB....lucky girl!!  Hope you enjoyed my loot!

Valentine melamine plates purchased from Frys.  These serve dual purposes.  To eat on...and for kids to hold as props in cute Valentine pictures.  

LOVE container purchased at The Dollar Tree.  My kids INSIST that we put candy hearts in this each year!

Take out boxes via Wal-mart

Best.  Candy.  Ever.

It's not officially a holiday unless you pour through Martha's holiday edition magazine.  So many great ideas.  I drool.

Framed Subway art courtesy of eighteen25.  

Ice cube trays....not just for ice!  They're also fun to use as jello molds!

Soda labels via Wal Mart....Because I have an obsession with covering my party drinks.  

Instant centerpiece!  Place these picks {The Dollar Tree} in a vase and you're set! Tie a cute festive bow around the vase and you're doubl-ey set!

Champagne flutes via The Dollar Tree.  We serve strawberry milk in these for our Valentine morning breakfast!

Cookie Cutter, sprinkles and treat cups via Wal-mart.  LOVE the scalloped edges on these cookie cutters.  The treat cups would be SO MUCH FUN with a hot fudge sundae inside.

I'm obsessed with holiday tablecloths.  They are a MUST with each incoming holiday.  LOVE the pattern of this one guessed it....Wal-mart!

Treat bags to fill with candy for school friends. 

I think that about covers it.  Already looking forward to an EASTER giveaway.  You better be a 'follower'! :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainbow Themed New Beginnings.

Last night we held our annual New Beginnings Program at the church for our youth aged girls.  We decided on theme of 'Taste the Rainbow' and incorporated with that...the value colors and how by working on Personal Progress, each value can create a whole 'rainbow' of blessings in our life.  We held the event in our Relief Society room and I couldn't have been more pleased with the way things turned out!  It was SUCH a fun evening!

We made tissue poms{SUPER SIMPLE!} seen here by the podium ...and had them hanging at different lengths all over the ceiling.  We also had helium balloons {in all different rainbow colors} grouped in bunches throughout the room as well.  The pennant banner was purchased at Target in their party section for $3 {SCORE}!

As for the refreshments {my favorite part! smile!} we served:

White chocolate dipped Oreos with sugar rainbows on top.  

Sugar Rainbows were purchased at the ABC Cake Decorating store in Phoenix.  If you have not ever been there...oh are in for a TREAT!  They have anything and everything needed for baking and decorating goodies!!!  And their prices ROCK!

I made rainbow themed cupcakes {thanks to an idea I scored on Pinterest}.  Blue frosting, Rainbow sour fruit stripes {in the $ section of Target right now} and white frosting piped around the edges as 'clouds'.  I had wanted to make the base of the cupcakes to look like THESE but...I ran out of time and so I just used a plain yellow cake mix.

Red Velvet Cake Pops.  

Oh. My. Yummy.  

Printable circles were purchased from The TomKat Studio and customized to fit our evening.

Here's the trick to getting cake pops to must and I mean MUST freeze the cake balls once you roll them.  THEN...after they are dip them into the chocolate.  And another warning...these babies are MESSY.  My hands were literally dyed red from the batter for the whole next day.  I tell you though...THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!  They were a huge hit.

Soft Sugar Cookies with rainbow colored sprinkles.

Another Pinterest idea found HERE.  My secretary made this up and it was DEE-LISH.  And... it only took one ingredient.  Otter Pops.  That's it!  

The layering of the colors DOES take some time but....again....worth it.  So worth it!!

We gave each of the 'newbies' coming into Young Womens this year a bag filled with rainbow colored gumballs:

My counselor found out a whole bunch of random tidbits about each girl ahead of time and then spotlighted each 'new' girl and presented them with bags full of yumminess.

As for take home favors for ALL of the girls...we purchased the new Jenny Phillips 'Arise and Shine Forth' cds to listen to throughout the year.  SUCH a good CD.  


My other counselor was in charge of putting together our program and it was EXCELLENT!


 Our cute Beehives did a 'Pageant' themed skit incorporating the values and it was DARLING!!  

{I know some of you have asked about our 'Program' for the evening and if you'd like more descriptive to the speakers and talks..please comment or email me and I will let you know what all was covered.}

I feel so blessed to work with such incredible women.  These YOUNG women really do light up my life and I feel blessed to get to serve them each week.