Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Treats.

The kids don't have school tomorrow.  
It's {Good Friday}....
So we brought in treats TODAY to celebrate Easter with their classes.
Here's what we created:

I knew I wanted to make up some type of CUPCAKE for Grant's class.  
When I saw the darling chocolate bunny molds at Target, I knew I had to combine the two!  
Everything on this cupcake is edible.  Right down to the grass!
I actually put the bunny molds on sucker sticks and then stuck them right into the center of each cupcake so they stood up better.

Carson brought a basket full of 'Bunny Tails' into his classmates:

The darling printable tag is from eighteen25 HERE.
We mounted it onto card stock and then I had Carson write his name on the backs of all of them.
I would definitely recommend using CAMPFIRE marshmallows for these.  
So fun!

We brought a box of cupcakes in for Carson's teacher:

I am LOVING my new burlap ribbon.
Printable tag from Elephant Shoe.

Grant brought in these mini pails for his teacher and student teacher.
They're filled with Reese's Pieces Eggs {my FAVORITE!}

Pails are from the $ bins at Target.
Printable tags are from Lil' Luna.

Now it's onto the WEEKEND festivities!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter in the air.

I love this time of year.  I really do.  I get so excited preparing for Easter with our kids.  This year we get to celebrate Easter at Joe's parent's house.  My mother-in-law goes ALL OUT too.  And when I mean ALL OUT...I mean...not just in the food and decor...but I'm talking...she has an ADULT Easter Egg Hunt with MONEY involved in those eggs.  It's become serious business.  I'm out to win this year.  I'm showin no mercy.

Here are some of my favorite Easter finds around the web-o-sphere:

Easter Nest Sugar Cookies 3
Pennies on a Platter

LOVE the simplicity of these cookies.  And who doesn't love Cadbury chocolate eggs on top of a sugar cookie??

Cookie cutter bunny
All You
In case you haven't already noticed by reading this blog...I have a serious 'thing' with place settings.
This one uses a cookie cutter and is TOO cute.  

Robin's egg nest in urn
This centerpiece is PERFECT!
I'm making some special treats for Grant's class on Thursday and although I decided against these Carrot Patch cupcakes...I sure do think their darling.  The carrots are actually marshmallows dipped in orange chocolate. 

No Biggie
I have another 'soft spot' in my heart for anything with bunting these days.
Although I think Peeps are hands down the nastiest candy out there...this 'paper version' bunting is ADORABLE!

Peeps !!!!!!!!!!
More cute ways to use Peeps as a centerpiece.

Easter Decorating Ideas for Cupcakes
Fun Cupcake Ideas
More cute cucakes...

Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 4.33.32 PM
Sweet Paul
This darling kids table had me as soon as I spotted those polka dot napkins! 
To. Die. For.

Two Junk Chix
If I hadn't had already made THIS wreath last year...I would totally be up for making this cute wreath from the girls as Two Junk Chix
How adorable, no?

That's all for now.
Can't wait to share some pics of the Easter-ish things WE'RE up to.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up.

This weekend was refreshing.  Just what we needed as a family.  

Highlights included:

*Celebrating London's BFF's birthday.  Jane threw a RAINBOW party and her mom went ALL OUT.  Check out that cake.  AH-mazing! 

*Date night with my hubs.  Dinner and shopping.  It's what we do best on Fri. nights.

*These two yay-hoos had a baseball game.  
{Having BOTH boys on the SAME team...priceless!}

...they BOTH got hits AND runs which made us all pleased as punch.
Especially their number one cheerleader...
*Londy Lou*

* We cooled off from the game by going swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's.  
Swimming included: the kids acting bonkers, people leaving the pool BECAUSE the kids were so bonkers, and.....the boys getting grounded from all electronic devices for the rest of the day guessed it...they were way too bonkers.

*Hanging out with some of my favorite girlfriends and their kids on Saturday evening.  The kids played with chickens, chased goats AND had all the ice-cream and toppings a kid could desire.  Thank you Kristen for hosting us all!

* Watching General Conference.  
So many great talks I can't even begin to name a favorite. 
Uplifting.  So uplifting. 
I could hear President Monson talk for hours and hours. 

Other highlights included:

*The weather. It's in the low 70s today.  Bliss.  Pure bliss.  My front and back windows are open in our house and I can't get enough of the cross-breeze coming through.  

* Big Sunday morning breakfast.  We made THESE pancakes {they're pretty much our fave} with sausage, eggs and hash browns.  Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, ya know?

*Easter preparations.  I know I say this about MOST holidays...but seriously...Easter is one of my favorites.  

Favorite quotes of the weekend included:

* Grant: "Mom...can I sign up for a Tweet-er account?"

He's 7 mind you.
And he wants to be on Twitter.
Oh boy!

* Carson: "Mom...can you download this app for me.  It's only.....{checks iPhone}...55 dollars."
He was serious.

* And this quote, found in one of my very favorite magazines...Country Living...

Happy Weekend Folks!
Only one more week until Easter!!