Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Weekend:

* I treated myself to a purple pedicure. It was time.  My heels felt like sandpaper. I was afraid the nail tech person was going to have to bust out the chainsaw to get rid of my calluses. 

My 'Flinstone Feet' as my hubs so lovingly calls them.
P.S. I really hate it when you sit next to someone at the pedicure place who wants to talk your ear off. Leave me alone already...I'm here to relax! Not chat it up with a random stranger!

*Went out to lunch with a friend.
Have you tried Paradise Bakery's Summer Corn Chowder?
Oh. My. Yum.

*Date night with fun friends HERE.
Yes...we eat there frequently.  It's one of our all time favorite places.
We stayed so long, laughing with our friends, we almost closed the place down.
I'm sure our waitress hated us.

* Slept in Saturday morning until 10:30.
Yup. That late.  Both Joe and I.
We'd have probably slept longer but our kids decided it was time to build forts in our bedroom and have a pillow fight.  That...and they'd od-d on chocolate chips and day old Diet coke that had been sitting out on my counter...they were rather hyper.
Hey - don't judge.  Ya let your kids do what they gotta do just to get some extra shut eye around here! 

* Cleaned my messy upstairs.
Is it just me...or do others with 2 level houses...usually only get around to cleaning their downstairs since that's what most people see when they come over?  My upstairs literally looked like a tornado had blown through it.  

*Went to a wedding reception and reunited with fun cousins and family from Joe's side.

* Laughed hysterically at THIS clip.
My dream is to be next door neighbors with Will Ferrel.

*Up-liftingness at church.
Taught THIS lesson. Love my sweet young women.

*2 hour nap.
Yes....I like my sleep.  I don't get it much during the week so I take full advantage of it on the weekends.  When I can...

*Made homemade crockpot chicken pot pies for dinner.
Super easy.  Recipe to come soon.

*Laughed our heads off at  AFV.
Watching someone get hit in the groin just never gets old to us.

*Made THESE chocolate chip cookies.  
They're our favorite!
{We always 'half' the recipe and get just a tad more than 2 dozen out of it}

A few other random notes from the weekend:

*I am going through major Ryan Lochte withdrawals.

via Pinterest

No worries...Joe is fully aware of my olympic 'CRUSH'. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVED watching he and Michael Phelps compete.
Sad they're through. At least we get Lochte back in 2016, right?

* Forgot how much I LOVE THIS song and THIS one.
 I heard em on Pandora over the weekend while cruising around with Joe. 
{Such a fan!}

*My bliggitey blog is about to get a face lift thanks to my ever so talented sis-in-law Jenny.
She's pretty impressive folks.
I am about as COMPUTER CHALLENGED as it gets. 
She's helping me 'update' a few things. Nothing major.  But did ya notice I NOW have a 'search' bar to the right hand side? I don't know about YOU...but I'M impressed.


Resisting Sin Handout - Web of Temptation.

Today I got to teach Lesson 28 from the YW manual on:
Resisting Sin.

Such an important lesson for our youth as they face MOUNDS of temptation at school each day.

Spiderman seems to be all the rage in my house these days.  My boys eat drink and sleep all things WEB-ish

 {No joke..yesterday Grant got some glue stuck on his hand and he thought FOR SURE he had been blessed with Spiderman's powers...being able to 'STICK' to everything}.

This lesson has a section on it that's all about traps, lures and snares and how Satan uses these same 'traps' to lure us into temptation.  I immediately thought of Spiderman ... and spiders....and webs...

I found a neat analogy online having to do with this and shared these thoughts with my girls:

Satan resembles a spider.  He silently spins a web of temptation and then just waits for us to fly into it.  He cunningly hides his web in a place where we can't see the strands, and then just waits...days, or weeks, or perhaps even years.  But when the moment is right, when we are caught fast in a struggle against our inner desires, he swiftly comes and injects his venom into us. 

The translucent web may be nearly invisible in the shadows.  As long as the web remains safely tucked away in a dark place, unsuspecting prey continue to fly into it.  But what makes the web visible is the light.  A ray of sunshine bursting through the trees will make a web sparkle.  A beam of light from a lamp exposes the vile trap for what it is, and the spider goes scurrying away to hide itself.  As long as we keep Satan's web of temptation safely tucked away in the dark corners and deep gloom, we will continue to fly into it. But God is light and shining THE LIGHT on Satan's web destroy's it's powers. SPIDERMAN SOAP handout was born.

This quote from Sterling W. Sill is one of my favorite's.

I'm currently trying to figure out how to 'offer' this as a printable with the click of a button.
{I'm sorta computer challenged...}
For now...if you'd like a copy...please leave me a comment with your email address and I will get it sent to you! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things I Find Pin-Interesting...

If there was a 12 step recovery program for obsessive 'Pinners' on 'Pin-interest'
{as my hubs calls it},
My husband would FOR SURE enroll me.  
He seems to think I have a problem.
I beg to differ {smile}.

Here's some of my latest and favorite finds...
{you can FIND ME on Pinterest HERE}.

Making it Fun
How cute is this wreath made from styrofoam balls and covered in fabric??
It might just put all of my endless pieces of 'scraps' to use now...
Thinking it would be SO cute to make and orange and black one for Halloween...
the possibilities are endless!

recycle jars by painting the lids and adding decorative knobs. #crafts #jars
The Ivy Cottage
Jars...with spray painted lids and cute knobs attached.
How. Clever!

Don't worry...I'm not dreaming of Halloween....YET!
But these cupcakes with cupcakes liners made to look like witches hats?

SALE 10% OFF- Toddler Girl Ghost Costume with Tutu and Bow
As well as this GHOST tutu ensemble.
Must find London a white tutu asap to recreate this look in October.

The Pioneer Woman

Grilled Chicken Lemon Basil Pasta
Every recipe I've ever tried from this website is goooood.
Cannot wait to try this one out.

Crafty Moods
Love that this cute little teacher's present is made from a spray painted clay pot.
You could pretty much fill this up with ANYTHING!

The Purple Carrot
Joe and I soooo need this.
We spend at least a good hour a week looking for lost keys.  
I'm making one of these up and plastering it right next to our garage door/laundry room.
No excuses now!