Thursday, June 4, 2015

Priesthood Handouts.

This month's theme for the 
is all about the Priesthood.

Below are a couple of examples of handouts I have made and given out in the past.

Details and Printable HERE.

Details HERE.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Visiting Teaching Handout - VIRTUE.

This month's Visiting Teaching lesson is on:

Who else instantly thinks of the color GOLD when they hear the word VIRTUE? In case you didn't know - the color GOLD was assigned to the young womens value VIRTUE a few years back.  

Elaine S. Dalton {loooove her!} gave a WONDERFUL talk in 2009 called "Come Let Us Go Up To The Mountain of the Lord" that explains why VIRUTE was assigned to the color of GOLD.

A part of this same talk is what I used to come up with my VISITING TEACHING handout for this month!
{The whole talk in it's entirety is a must read!}

ANYTHING gold works for this handout!

I couldn't decide between GOLD chocolates and 
GOLD nail polish {found at the $ store}.

Don't you just love those jars?
I scored them at Target in their $ bins ....

They end up only being $1.50 each!

To download my handouts for this month
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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2fer Tuesday.



LOVE this idea for a table centerpiece.
I really need to learn how to paint on jars
{specifically WHAT type of paint works best}. I tried it once and it all went horribly wrong.

This is my fave.
Spruce up water bottles for your 4th of July BBQ with flags! Yup, the cheap kind they have in the dollar bins at Target.  

Doesn't it look cute?



These seriously made me L-O-L.
Mainly because my husband tries to do something unique everytime we ride Splash Mountain now at the Diz.

Props to the guy who has a whole card pyramid going on.
How on earth?!