Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Weekend:

First thing Friday morning this song came on and I just knew it was gonna be a good weekend.

* I met 2 of my favorite lady friends for breakfast at a new spot in Gilbert.

I wanna go back.

* Afterwards, I stopped by what has quickly become one of my new favorite bakeries.... pick up some treats for my kiddos teachers.

* I worked on some party printables for a dear friend of mine.
SUCH a fun theme. 

Can't wait to share the photos from this shin-dig.

* Friday night London and I had a GIRLS NIGHT.
We met up with some of our favorite pals for dinner HERE  {yum!} and then headed on to see 
Tarzan at the Hale Theater.

Holy smokes!
This was such a GOOD play!!!
We loved it!
First time ever in this theater and I was totally impressed.

* Saturday morning our Relief Society held their annual Breakfast of Champions.

SUCH a great way to start my morning.
I'll be sharing the recipes from this 
yummy breakfast this week! 
Our RS leaders did SUCH a great job with it all.

* Headed onto Grant's basketball game {Carson opted to spend the day at Sunsplash with his friend for a bday party. He's no dummy!}

Not sure who Grant and Joe are bossing around BUT...
Grant scored 3 baskets which was super fun.

* Headed to the RE-Grand Opening of our local grocery store  after the game.

They were givin away free food like it was nobody's business.  PLUS....they NOW offer HAND SCOOPED Tillamook ice-cream in their bakery - - for WAY cheaper than Baskin and Robbins. They will be seeing A LOT of our family.

* Date night Saturday night with fun friends HERE.
This is hands down one of my fave places close by to go to dinner.  SO yummy.  Joe and I split the ribs and they literally fell off the bone.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

We're already more than half the year over and I promise 8:30 AM church NEVER gets easier.

* Shredded beef tacos for dinner, brownies and AFV for dessert. Just the way we like it.

Later this week, Joe and I are heading here and I could not be more giddy about it.....

That weather looks DREAMY!!!
{Fun Fact: We've never been!
 Any MUST SEE places and restaurants to try?!}

Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun Finds Friday.

I spent a lot of time at Hobby Lobby this week.
{I've got some FUN things in the works!}

How cute is this cake banner?
Of course, I'm sure, you could make it with scrapbook paper but sometimes - - it's just easier to BUY!

Like I told you last week - - 
I cannot avoid the holiday aisles ANY longer.

Too much cute stuff.

I'm pretty sure I need those polka dot pumpkins, right?!

And these burlap chevron ones too!
{All of their fall stuff is already 40% off}.

This would be such a fun little sign to have set up in the kitchen where you could see it daily.  I think I'd have each member of our family take turns writing something throughout the month of November.

Over at Target - - 
it's really bugging me that have YET to restock their $ bins with fresh new fall stuff.
{Ours is still rocking the back to school/summer stuff}.

But this jar is super cute.
Would be fun to fill with a teacher's favorite treats.

Any Saved by the Bell fans out there?

This shirt is on clearance for $3!
I even saw mulitple ones available at my store.


London snuck into the boys' room the other night and snuggled right up next to Carson.

I hope my kids still want to sleep next to each other like this when they're older.

I have about 5,471 photos like this on my iphone right now.
{Love that Grant is in the background, oblivious to it all}.

Last but not least....

This picture!!!!
I swear - I DIE laughing at it everytime I see it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2fer Tuesday {on Wednesday}.

2 Reasons Why Today Was My Lucky Day:
{It doesn't take much, people.}

1. My local grocery store was givin away free
 Boar's Head hotdogs at lunch time.  
{You KNOW I love me a good hotdog!}

Neighborhood Friends: At Basha's for their re-grand opening.
LOTS of good stuff going on over there right now.

2. I finally got one of these....

Except for a WAY better price than that one!
Thank you Facebook!

I LOVE a good deal and I've been dying for one!

Now...I just need to learn how to use it.
Hope it's user friendly.

Anyone have one and LOVE it?

2 Things I Love Right Now:

The Love & Sunshine smell from BBWorks.

I want THIS.
It's genius.

52 Thank You cards - - 1 to be written EACH week.

Gratitude does a heart GOOD and I think if I were encouraged to find someone to write a TYou card to EVERY week - - it would be awesome.