Thursday, August 4, 2016

2fer Tuesday {on Thursday}.


London thinks she's 16 as is evident by the 552 selfies just like this found on my phone.

{Seriously...where did she learn the duck lips? I don't think I have ever once done them!}

P.S. Her freckles on her nose and face are my FAVORITE!!!

I am VERY SLOWLY learning how to french braid.
It's pathetic really, that I haven't taught myself until now.

Usually, when London wants braids...we head over to my mom's house and she does em because my mom's pretty much the expert.

I feel like there's a WHOLE WORLD of HAIR-DOs I need to discover for little girls.  Why is it SO intimidating to me?!?


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to School Personal Progress Motivator.

It's Back to School time around most of the country {lots of mom's doing happy dances right now I'm sure! Hehe.}

NEW IN MY ETSY SHOP: I've created a fun little tag to give to your young women the first couple of weeks of school to motivate them to get going on their Personal Progress.

There are 6 tags on a page and upon purchase, you can print them out however many times you'd like.  Just attach to the back of a crayons box and you've got yourself a fun little something to handout to your girls.

They can NEVER have enough Personal Progress motivation from their leaders, right?

Monday, August 1, 2016

August Visiting Teaching Handouts.

Happy August 1st!
Who else finds it hard to believe that the year is already more than HALF over?!?! 

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on:

I have TWO different handouts to choose from this month.

The word LABORATORY from President Russel M. Nelson's quote really stuck out to me.  I LOVE the analogy that he uses to compare it to our homes.

When I spied those cute little test tubes in the $ bins at Michaels - - I just knew it was meant to be. 
{Test tubes were actually $1.50 a piece}.

I added M&Ms to mine but you can add anything tiny!
Skittles...Mike n' Ikes...whatever floats your boat!

My second handout can be paired up with lipstick, chapstick or lipgloss.

I LOVE this message.

How important it is to remember to not only SPEAK KINDLY to others in public - - but to also SPEAK KINDLY to our family members inside of our home.

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

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