Sunday, November 6, 2016

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I dropped my kiddies off at school and came back home and laid down. Last week WIPED me out!!! I thought I'd just take a short little nap but....I slept until 2 pm!!!

Yikes. I didn't realize I was that tired.
It was just what my body and mind needed.

* Grant's first basketball game of the new season started up on Friday night!

I love that red, sweaty face!
He scored 4 points and his team WON!
So fun to watch.

Afterwards, he and Joe took off for an overnight campout with the scouts while Carson and I enjoyed a date night at Popeyes {one of Carson's all time faves}.

* Saturday we had a beautiful morning inside of the Gilbert Temple. My nephew went through for the first time and it was SO special. I may have cried my eyes out for the majority of our time inside. 

My sister and her 2 boys.
They've grown up to be such fine young men.
My mom, nephews, and 2 sisters.

* Saturday afternoon was spent prepping freezer meals for our 'Freezer Meal Club'.

My dish, this go around, was Chicken Fajitas.
Once I've compiled everyone's recipes - - I promise to share!

* Saturday night we received a special visit from my nephew Ryan and his darling girlfriend....

My kids were on cloud 9 and are counting down the days until Thanksgiving when they come back.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Chicken fajitas for dinner and Halloween candy for dessert.
Because....why not?!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Looking forward to slowing down a bit this week.

- Getting my hair done
 {raise your hand if you have gray hairs!}

- Working on Etsy orders
{Finally! I apologize if you've ordered something and haven't received it yet. They'll all be on their way this week - I PROMISE!}

- Figuring out what to wear for our family pictures next week.

- Trying to come up with our 2016 Christmas neighbor gifts.
{Printable tags included}


Friday, November 4, 2016

Fun Finds Friday.

What.  A.  Week.

Last night was my big Stake Womens Conference.
It was sorta my 'baby' was the first assignment I was given and put in charge of when I received my new church calling back in March. 

It was lovely, wonderful, beautiful, and more and I can't wait to share with you ALL of the details. I will forever be grateful to my fabulous committee - - those sisters are the reason it was such a huge success!

Anyways - - more on that next week.

Surprisingly - - I was able to catch a few fun finds this past week in my spare time. 

This is the chalkboard I have outside of our front door.
For those that have asked before - I got it from Hobby Lobby and they STILL have it. It's hands down one of my favorite things.

I also found a NEW favorite thing this past week....

Love! Love! Love! this thing.
It was a huge hit sitting on my food table on Halloween night.

Target has their Christmas stuff out in their $ bins!!!!

So many cute goodies to choose from!

I can't tell you how many times I've been out of birthday cards and needed just a simple tag to pop onto a birthday present.  LOVE these labels. Could be used for anything!

I've become such a sucker for cake stands lately.
These were $5 each - I bought the red one.

Picked up one of these cute advent calendars for London.

They have fun little activities for them to complete each day leading up to Christmas.  Love this idea!

And last but not least....

I saw this on Instagram and LoL'd immediately.
Love it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Visiting Teaching Handout.

For this month's Visiting Teaching message - we get to CHOOSE a talk to focus on from this past Genereal Conference.

Narrowing it down to just ONE talk is always so hard for me.
There are always SO many good messages that I seem to fall in love with.

This time, I chose probably my FAVORITE talk of them all:

This talk was such a breath of fresh air! 
Even though {at times} our world seems so polluted with negative influences all around - - WE CAN STILL HAVE JOY! 

Pair this month's tag up with some ALMOND JOY candy bars and you are good to go! I found that cute little wooden container from the $ bins at Target and then just popped that JOY tag right in the front. {White paper + stickers to spell out JOY. Easy Peasy}.

This tag can actually go with any treat, really....

It's a universal message! 

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

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