Monday, March 6, 2017

This Weekend:

* Friday morning I dropped the kiddies off at school and headed over to our temple.

I am so grateful for this beautiful place, just down the road from us. It was a wonderful morning inside and I left feeling refreshed and renewed.

Their flowers and landscaping are MY FAVORITE...

I grabbed some breakfast and got some work done on my laptop afterwards HERE.

Chips and salsa for breakfast? Why not.
Their breakfast burriots >>> everywhere else. Promise.

Once there was a time when I wouldn't have been caught dead eating at a restaurant all by myself.  Now? It's one of my favorite things!

* Laundry and cleaning for the rest of the day and then dinner with one of my favorite gal pals HERE. Yup...more chips and salsa.  I'm not kidding when I say that we eat WAY too much mexican food over here.

* Ended the evening by watching Dateline with Joe.
We're so romantic.

* Saturday morning breakfast at our local donut joint.

* London and I snuck away for a couple of hours and got our nails done.

London finished first which meant she got to play 'nail tech' on my feet afterwards.

* Date night on Saturday night with some of our dearest friends HERE.

These people just GET us.
I feel like they know our heart and souls and we LOVE them for that.  We also love that we can laugh our heads off with them so much so that our sides hurt afterwards. {We missed you Brooke and Kirk!}

* Churchey-church on Sunday.

* Big fat nap afterwards.
{It's the only good thing about having early morning church, in my opinion}.

* We made ribs for Sunday dinner...

....holy moly! These babies were GO-OD! They fell right off the bone.  Here's how we made em {thanks Rachel for the recipe!}:

We put them into a crockpot and generously salt and peppered them. {My friend puts Paprika on them but we didn't have any.} I then covered the bottom of the crockpot with apple juice {probably like 2 cups worth} and let them cook on low all day.  After about 8 hours, I took them out {they were so tender they were seriously falling off of the bone} and then put them onto a cookie sheet, basted them with BBQ sauce and then broiled them for about 5 minutes.

They were divine.

* We ended our Sunday by letting the kids get their wiggles out in our front yard.  The sunset was pretty much amazing.

AZ sunsets >>> everywhere else.

Friday, March 3, 2017

March Visiting Teaching Handout.

Happy March! 
It's supposed to be 80 degrees here this weekend!!
 I've got my windows open, my wind chimes are chime-ing and I am loving every second of this gorgeous weather. 

This month's Visiting Teaching message is on:

I've created 2 different tags for you to use together.  

And since it's St. Patrick's Day this month...I suggest you pairing these tags up with ANYTHING green!!!

I chose Andes Mints {they're pretty much my fave.  Anyone else always hope they give you extra when you get your check at the Olive Garden? 😛} as well as Lucky Charms because well, they're magically delicious, right?

I plan to tie my 'Lucky to be Blessed' tag around the jars with ribbon and then place a magnet on the back of my 'I can do all things through Christ' tag so that my sisters can place that as a reminder on their refrigerator.

Easy enough?

To download my FREE March handouts click HERE.

Also....I do offer in my Etsy shop some fun little tags to handout if you're a leader or teacher at church....

View details HERE.

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Happy Visiting Teaching!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

London's Princess Party.

I've decided to showcase ALL of London's birthday parties throughout this next week or so on my blog.

 One of my most popular blog posts of all time is from London's Princess Party.

I'm happy to announce that now, after oodles of requests...I'm offering her FOOD LABELS as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD in my Etsy shop HERE.

Here's how that shin-dig went down:

4 years ago?!?!
Where has the time gone?

London was obsessed with ALL princesses at this age - - but her hands down favorite was Rapunzel. I think we've seen the movie 'Tangled' close to about 978 times.

We served lunch and I wanted to make sure that all of the food was FOUR YEAR OLD friendly.

Here's what I came up with...

Pink bread was baked and dyed at our local grocery store {Bashas} and then after I made the sandwiches, I just cut them out with a tiara cookie cutter.

Place Settings and Decor

Princess crowns were purchased from the $ bins at Target.
Candy necklaces were wrapped around the napkins.

I also scored these cute vanity mirrors from the Dollar Tree and added princess tags for each girl.

Watching them look at themselves in these mirrors MIGHT HAVE just been the cutest thing EVER!

Outside on our back patio, I draped plastic tablecloths from the dollar store around our ceilings.

I also made a super simple princess banner by printing off pictures from google images and matting them onto cardstock.

Our pinata from Wal-mart served as a table centerpiece.

These pinatas rock.  No bats are necessary.  
Each girl holds onto a group of strings and pulls the candy out together.

My friend made her gorgeous cake...

...and not only did it look fabulous, it tasted fabulous as well!

We also had girly 'stations' set up outside with little activities for the girls to do.

A finger nail polish and body glitter table.

A make-up and body lotion table.

And a 'make your own' candy necklace table.

I cannot get over how much these girls have grown up since this sweet picture 4 years ago.  

London beamed with happiness the entire day!
We ended the festivities by jumping on the trampoline.

Can you even?!?