Thursday, May 4, 2017

Random Bits.

Next time you're at the grocery store - be sure to pick a few of these up...

Yum! Yum! Yum!
I just discovered these and they're my new fave.
They are packed with flavor and they make the perfect lunch. {Yes, they fill you up}.

And since I eat like an 8 year old, yes, that's how I arrange mine with each bite.  Also, I think the whole package is only like 225 calories so SCORE!

Spaghetti squash.
I can't get enough.
The other night I made THIS {scroll to the bottom of that post} for dinner. I added a little bit of spaghetti sauce to the recipe and it was scrumptious! Even my kids snarfed it!!

Speaking of my kids...
When Joe and I came up to bed last night we found all 3 of them asleep like this.....

That's a twin bed.
With ALL 3 of them on it!😂

Yes, they each have their own beds but this sight melts my heart.  I LOVE how close they are with one another.  Sure, they get bugged from time to time with each other but there's never a time that they don't wanna be together. 

And that makes my mama bear heart WANNA BURST sometimes! 

Do yourself a favor and try this new candybar.
It was SUPER yummy!!!

A big fat THANK YOU to everyone who sent me book recommendations for our trip. I've made it halfway thru "The Orphan Keeper" and it is SOOOO GOOD! I just love it. 

I might have teared up reading this passage because I think it is OH SO true!

I'm already looking forward to our summer vacation when I can dig into all of the other book suggestions that I've gotten.

Raise your hand if this was your favorite show as a kid?
A cast reunion?
Please AND Thank-You!

Who's tried this mascara?
Is it as good as my magazine says it is?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I promise, promise, promise that tomorrow I'll have my Visiting Teaching handouts for the month of May posted!!!!

I have TWO so get excited!

Sorry in the delay - - I feel like I've been going 90 mph ever since we returned from Utah.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This {Wedding} Weekend: Saturday.

* Saturday morning we were toasted oats and so we slept in, leisurely got ready and then met my family + my aunt and uncle and their family HERE for lunch.

Holy Cow - this place was GOOD!!!
Their onion rings were TO DIE FOR.
And fry sauce...oh fry sauce....why can't you please come to Arizona? 
{Side note: Who has a recipe for fry sauce that they LOVE? Please share.}

We had SO much fun catching up with our cousins on my mom's side. Get togethers like this always make me wish that we lived closer to each other.  

Afterwards we headed downtown...

Can you even stand how pretty the SLC temple is?
Breathtaking, really.

We toured the Church History Museum for the first time ever and watched the new Joseph Smith First Vision video.

I left feeling uplifted...oh so uplifted!

Joe explaining some of our ancestory line to Grant.

Utah sure is pretty.
Their scenery is some of the best in all the land.

Later that afternoon we made it back to my friend's house where we were staying...

The kids rode around on mopeds and scooters....

...while us adults went out to dinner.

 SLC {and surrounding} peeps!!! - - THIS is the BEST mexican food EVER!!!
We waited a good hour to be sat and I promise it was worth every minute!!!

This photo doesn't even do our burrito justice.
Joe and I split the BURLEEDO and it was at least a foot and a half long. And covered in queso sauce - - HeLLo?!?!

I've seriously been dreaming about it + their chips and salsa ever since. Not even joking.

Gosh, I love this crew.
I grew up with these 2 ladies - - like since birth.
Our moms were and still are lifelong BFFs.
Getting together with them is just like getting together with family.

The rest of the evening was spent back at Jenni's house.
The kids had all been begging us for a dance party and so we obliged.

Joe and Adam even got into the mix and if you follow me on Instagram....there's proof in the form of a video! 😂

Monday, May 1, 2017

This {Wedding} Weekend: Friday.

I'm back!

We spent this past weekend up in SLC, UT for my nephew's wedding and we had OH SO MUCH fun! 

It was the type of weekend that you just wanna bottle up forever. 

Family + Friends + Fun.

Ryan and Cam got married Friday morning in the Bountiful Temple. I always LOVE going into temples that I've never been in before and this one was no exception.

When we went inside for their ceremony, it was sunny.

When we came out to meet our kids who were waiting for us...  

It was legit SNOWING!
In April!!!

My sister Tori + my Dad.

Apparently, Utah missed the memo that it's SPRINGtime.
I was reminded quickly of WHY I live in Arizona.
I am NOT cut out for the cold.😜

My sister had a HUGE cardboard cut-out of her other son Tyson made up {he's currently serving a mission in Barcelona, Spain} and it was practically like he was there celebrating with us all day long! Hehe.

The Lamoreaux Family:
Kirk, Stephanie, Me, Tori, Mom, Dad
So grateful for this tribe.
Since it was SNOWING outside - - most of our pictures that morning were taken inside.  

It was SO fun to be there all together, celebrating my nephew and his new, sweet, wife.

Lamoreaux Ladies:
Mom, Tori, Me, Stephanie
Since we were famished afterwards...we hit up Joe's favorite burger joint in all of Utah and it did not disappoint.

Apollo Burger - you were just as tasty as we remember.

Joe might have shed a few tears of delight over his pastrami burger.

Ryan and Cam had a sweet little ring ceremony later that afternoon for all of the guests that couldn't attend the temple earlier....followed by the most delish luncheon.

London ate about 20 juicy strawberries there. 

More pics were taken...

...and Cam's family even had a cardboard cut-out of Cam's brother {on a mission} too!

We had about 30 minutes to kill before the reception started and so we headed over to the BYU campus and hit up the Creamery.

I've never ever been to the Creamery before, can you even believe it?

Their 49 cent mint brownie now has my heart. 
{For reals...I've been dreaming about it, ever since.}

Back at the reception...

The cake!

Cameryn sang the most BEAUTIFUL song to her new groom...

{I could seriously eat her up, she's so cute!}

....and then we danced the rest of the night away.

Tyson even got to crowd surf a little. 

It really was the perfect evening.

You may think I'm biased but...
My nephew and his darling new wife are the sweetest, cutest, couple ever!