Thursday, March 7, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Pinch Proof Printables.

Pinch Proof Printables....
Try saying that 10 times in a row! 

I've created a set of FOUR different tags JUST IN TIME for St. Patrick's Day next weekend!!!

These tags can attach to four different things:
Punch, Powder, Potion, Puffs.
{Aka: Kool Aid, Sprite, Mt. Dew, Lucky Charms, etc.  ANYTHING goes with these!}

These tags are super FUN for friends, neighbors, students, teachers, etc.  Help get EVERYONE in the Irish spirit this year and remind them to wear {and drink!} green!

Tags HERE.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March Ministering // Friendship Tags.

Only 3 more days until my kids are out for 2.5 weeks of Spring Break and I could not be more excited.

Get this: We have NOTHING planned and I am THRILLED about it.  THRILLED!

Windows open, late nights, sleeping in....I can't wait!

I do hope you have the chance to make someone SMILE this month! I have TWO different tags for you to use as you go about your friendly ways...

This tag pairs up perfectly with anything green!
Think: a Sprite bottle, Andes mints, sour cream and onion Pringles....the ideas are endless!

And this one goes perfectly with Skittles....or anything RAINBOW themed. 
 {Don'tcha just love that quote? I couldn't find who originally said it though.}

There are 2 of each tag on the page and you can print them out however many times you need!  

Download HERE.

Monday, March 4, 2019

This Weekend:

* I spent most of Friday morning over at my parent's house, typing up more of my Grandpa's WW2 love letters to my Grandma.

I know I sound redundant but...I am SO excited to make these into a book for my entire family to read.

* Grocery shopped after.
Anyone else loathe grocery shopping?
Maybe it's the putting everything away once I get home I loathe.  
I dunno.  It's just never fun. 
And I would do the online thing where you just pull up and park and they bring out your groceries BUT....
I like picking out my own stuff.
ESPECIALLY my own meat and veggies.

* Friday afternoon I helped London finish a book that she had been reading...

You guys! The story of Amelia Earhart FASCINATES me!!!
Anyone else??

I LOVED reading this with London.

SO many things about Earhart's disappearane that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

* We stayed in Friday night, made enchiladas and Joe and I watched 20/20 - - did you see it? 
So disturbing. And sad.

* Saturday was spent at London's dance competition. 

Gosh, I love watching her perform.
Her team seems to get better and better every competition.

Joe's shirt is fairly accurate right now.

And as much as I LOVE watching my kids' are they exhausting!  
So...Much...ENERGY at those things.

I always leave with a headache.
Any other dance parents experience this?

Once we finally got home Saturday night, I plopped myself onto the couch for the rest of night and cracked open a few Diet Dr. Peppers.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I had to play the dreaded organ and let's just wasn't pretty. 

We grilled burgers after church with my sister and left the windows open all evening.

It was GORGEOUS outside.
It's starting to feel like SPRING around here and we savor these feelings for as long as the air will let us becuase Spring is always OH SO SHORT here in Phoenix.  

Before we know it we'll be back into the triple digit temperatures and I am NOT ready for that just yet.