Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Friendship // Ministering Tags.

It's already May 6th {How? Just how?} and I have yet to design NEW tags for the month.

The good news is....I'm re-using last year's tags.

Why? Well because:
1) I offered 3 and I'm pretty sure you didn't use ALL 3 at once last year, right?
2) I have quite a few new followers that probably haven't even used em yet
3) It's May 6th. And I have mile long list of to-do's before the week is over.

Forgive me?
Next month's will be FRESH.

These tags go perfectly along with Mother's Day this month.
Or not.
I know not everybody LOVES Mother's Day...so I've created two sets of each tag - - one WITH Happy Mother's Day on it and one WITHOUT - - which could really be used ANY time of the month for ANYONE!

Flowers are in FULL BLOOM right now so what better little treat to give someone than some fresh cut flowers?

If you use my tags - please show me HOW you're using them!
Tag me on Instagram @azmarci
I always LOVE seeing what you do with them! 

To downoload my tags WITHOUT Happy Mother's Day click HERE.

To download my tags WITH Happy Mother's Day click HERE.

April Ministering // Friendship tags

Monday, May 6, 2019

This {Birthday} Weekend:

* My Friday morning started out at Ikea.

They have cute little succulents!
So much cute stuff to look around at.
{Fun Fact: My husband would rather eat his own toenails than shop at IKEA. True story.}

Also: Why are their Sweedish meatballs SO dang good?

*Grocery shopping afterwards.

This sight makes me HAPPY!
Watermelon season is back!!!!!

* Somehow I ended up with a carload of girlies on Friday afternoon and when you have a carload of girlies...treats are necessary.

McDonalds cones for the WIN!

* We celebrated Carson's birthday on Friday night.

Dinner at the restaurant of his choice: The Olive Garden.
{Why have their prices gotten so high? It is not a cheap place to take your family.  Just sayin. Also: I'm sounding like my Dad now 😂}

He was SO elated because so many family members were able to come and celebrate with us!

It was a fun night for sure and Carson left feeling loved AND stuffed from all the breadsticks.

* Saturday morning birthday festivities!

How and WHY do teenage kids want Crocs again?!?
I'm baffled, but whatever.

Carson's only wish for his birthday party this year was to take a couple of friends to Big Surf - a waterpark in Tempe.

We had never been before and so it was FUN for everyone!

We grilled burgers at our house afterwards {another one of Carson's requests!}...

...and ended the evening with cake and ice-cream.
{Another fun fact: When Carson was little, he used to call 'yellow' cake.....'blonde' cake and so it's now 'blonde' cake for the rest of our lives because 😻😻😻}.

Cannot believe he is officially a teenager.
I have TWO teenagers now.
What the heck is going on?!?

We are SO proud of Cars and the sweet kid he is.

* Churchey-church on Sunday.
I set my alarm for early to get the good stuff goin in the crockpots for Cinco de Mayo dinner!  

I wish I'd have taken pics cause it was a feast! But I didn't.

We had some fun friends over for dinner to help us celebrate and we had such a a great time!

We also discovered that Joe can't do a cartwheel.
But neither can I because I'd for sure pee my pants even trying.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

to most of the country!

I've got some EASY printable tags in my Etsy shop that make gift giving a BREEZE this time of year - - check em out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Girls Camp Pillow Treat Ideas.

Girls Camp and Church camps are upon us.....
{Anyone? Anyone?😂}

If you're planning on attending a camp this summer as a leader or a participant...I've got the perfect little somethings for you to pass out to your friends or SECRET SISTERS!

Girls LOVE receiving little 'pillow treats' on their sleeping bags each night.  Makes them feel LOVED! Especially the one's who get homesick!!!

And why not SHARE the LOVE, ya know?!

For details and to download my set go HERE!

To see my original set, created a few years back, go HERE!