Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Coombs Halloween Party 2019: Part 2.

This year instead of our usual FEAR FACTOR gross yourself out games....I mixed things up with some Halloween MINUTE  TO WIN IT games! I think everyone was happy about that because no one had to eat pigs feet this time!😛

ROUND 1 - Fruit by the Foot Challenge

One person from each team had to eat an entire Fruit by the Foot with no hands.  Just their mouth.  First one who finished and opened their mouth with nothing left inside, WINS!

Round 2: The Peep Face Game

Whoever successfully sticks the MOST Peeps to their face within one minute, WINS! {They had to get creative.  The most successful way for this was by biting the ends off of the Peeps, licking them, and then sticking them onto their skin.}

ROUND 3: Candy Corn Stick Ups

Whoever succesfully sticks the MOST candy corns standing straight up on their plates, WINS! {This one is tricky because they tend to fall over.  Again, biting the ends off, helped!}

ROUND 4: The Licorice Challenge

2 players on each team particpated in this one.
Each duo stuck an end of a piece of licorice rope in their mouths and ate towards the middle.  First duo that kissed {or finished! think Lady and the Tramp} WON!

My last 2 games were a little different.  

We had a NAME THAT CANDYBAR challenge...

I gave the little kids the easier ones like Reeses and Snickers and then the adults the harder candybars like Whatchamacalit and Clark Bars.  

This one was still done in teams, each member of the team took a turn guessing.  They had to close their eyes and I placed the small piece of candybar into their mouths. 

{Fun Fact: I've never had a Chic-o-stick OR a Big Hunk.
And I'm ok with that.} 

The team {family} who had the MOST points after these 5 games won a Dairy Queen gift card!!!!

Lastly, just for the kids....I made up a ginormous Saran Wrap ball.  

I stuffed inside of it everything from candy, to bubble gum, to glow sticks and slinkys and the big jackpot in the middle which was a $5 bill!

If you've never played this game before, it's super easy.  

All you need is a pair of dice.

One person begins to unwrap the Saran Wrap ball while the person next to them rolls the dice.  Once the person next to them rolls a DOUBLE - - the ball is passed onto the next person and so is the dice.  Whatever items fall out while you're unwrapping - you get to keep!

We had so much fun!!!
Grateful for good friends {and my family!} who are all such GOOD sports!

Monday, October 28, 2019

This Weekend:

* Friday morning was errands, errands, errands.
I stopped at my very least favorite place on the planet {Costco} to pick up my contact lenses and managed to get a few tiny samples while I was there...

There are so many reasons why I loathe Costco....one being their parking lot.  It gives me severe anxiety.  I'll save my other reasons for another post.  

* Friday night was our elementary school's annual Fall Ball.

London dressed up as 'Squints' from The Sandlot.

She and her bestie were determined to be twinzies this year.
Aren't they cute?

Oh and remember last year when London won her school song contest?  I discovered Friday night that not only do they sing it at every assembly....but they've printed the lyrics onto a BIG banner and hung it in their cafeteria, too!

Seriously....I was never as cool as her in school.

* Last weekend we had our dear friends from Heber, Utah staying with us and so on Saturday morning Lori and I ditched the dads and kids for a much needed pedicure.

We then picked up the dad's, continued to ditch the kids and went out for a double date to one of our very favorite spots: Floridino's.

* Saturday night was our ward's Trunk or Treat.

We have a ranch right by our house that we always hold ours at.  It's fun because they have a big rodeo arena that the kids can run amuck in along with horses to see.

Is this not THE CUTEST 'Frozen' trunk you've ever seen?
Our friends go ALL OUT each year with their trunk and we LOVE seeing what they come up with! 

* Sunday night family dinner at Joe's brother's house.

Our sweet niece turned 3 so we celebrated with all things PUPPY including the most adorable HANDMADE puppy pinata that my SIL made. 
{She's incredibly talented!}

I wish I had remembered to take a pic of the front side!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Coombs Halloween Party 2019.

I know, I know...I've been M.I.A.
Do you ever feel like your life is just on fast forward?

I feel like ever since last week I've been going 90 mph and have barely stopped long enough for a bathroom break!

Also - how is Halloween almost here?!?

Last weekend we held our annual Coombs Family Hallowen Party with some of our dearest friends.

It was SO much fun and I have SO much to share about it 
{the menu, recipes, the games....} but today I'm sharing the costumes and favors I handed out.


Our family went with a tv/movie theme, I guess...

The boys dressed up as Wayne and Garth from
 "Wayne's World"....

London was Dwight from "The Office"...

And Joe and I were DA-vid and Moira from our very favorite TV show on Netflix: Schitt's Creek.

Not so sure about black hair on me 😅

DA-vid might just be my favorite tv character ever.
{I'm slightly obsessed with Dan Levy now.}

All of our friends dressed up as well...

This blow up giraffe might be the BIGGEST blow up costume I've ever seen!

Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, Miranda Sings and a sumo wrestler

Uncle Rico and Deb from Napoloen Dynamite

It was so much fun seeing everyone's costumes.

I wanted something EASY to hand out as party favors at the end of the night so.....

Each family got a box of pumpkin flavored Joe-Joe's because....a play on words is my jam 😎

* * * Tomorrow I'm sharing ALL of the games we played! There was a DQ gift card on the line for the winning family so it got pretty fierce 😏